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Flutter vs React Native: Which is the Best Choice 2023- 24?

  • Post published:18 December 2023

Whether it is Flutter vs React native, both are the most crucial and leading mobile application development technologies in today’s time. They are assisting the developer in creating interactive applications for platforms like Android as well as iOS. Both are serving the same purpose, but it is very important to understand what are the differences between Flutter vs React native. Are you a developer who intends to understand all the latest trends and facets of these two technologies to find which could be the right choice for you? 

Are you finding ways to speed up your app development process along with cutting down the cost through cross-platform app development solutions? But not sure about which of the technologies to choose from.  If, this is what you looking for, then this blog will be of immense relevance for you! As in this blogpost, we have already stacked technologies flutter vs react native 2023 from the point of view of the app owner, so that you can find the best fit for you in the year 2023 and even beyond.

Here in this guide, you will come across in-depth comparative studies about these two technologies, through the exploration of their benefits, weaknesses, and other limitations.

Why have Mobile Application Development Frameworks gained popularity?

In today’s time, cross-platform solutions have gained immense popularity. Both Flutter, as well as React Native, are among the leading players in the market. When you search the internet concerning mobile app development flame work, you will cross the cross-platform already topping this list. Over the years, there have been several frameworks as well as tools that came in the market for facilitating multi platform development and this is what any app developer would love.

However, let’s just rewind a bit! In the earlier time, the app development was played from specific and that means that the developers were juggling in between multiple languages as well as tools. For example in iOS, there was objective C, then Swift with X code for Apple. Such a setup doubles the code for any kind of mobile app idea which is targeting two different platforms. This leads to increased time, elevated cost, and several other hurdles for making sure that the two versions match with one another in terms of their performance and other features. Apart from that synchronization updates were quite a big challenge leading to several inconsistencies.

Explanation of cross-platform app development

The cross platform app development is serving as a strategic approach. As it facilitates the developers in crafting mobile applications that tend to run on multiple platforms smoothly. This includes iOS, Android, and also at times on the web. So all this is providing a significant edge to the developers both in terms of time as well as the efficiency of the resources.

Major approaches to cross-platform app development

Hybrid development

In hybrid development, there is the utilization of a single code base for crafting mobile applications for several distinctive & multiple platforms. This type of approach is well known for its capability to save precious time as well as the overall app development cost. The two frameworks Flutter vs React Native serve as the most popular choices for adopting hybrid app development.

Thus, now the developer is required to write code just once and then it can be deployed on multiple platforms, with the most simplistic of maintenance as well as codes. This is quite a lucrative option for all those developers who are looking forward to reaching to broader user base, while still putting in the minimum of the development efforts.

Native app development

This type of cross-platform development simply relies upon writing distinctive codes for each of the targeted platforms. This type of approach will facilitate the mobile developers for crafting the applications that will be in a condition to take the complete benefit of the native capabilities along with the performance of each of the platforms So, it helps in maximizing performance as well as accessibility to the platform-specific & innovative features. However, such a Framework is associated with an extended development cycle as well as the increased cost owing to the deployment of the separate development teams.

Why choosing right framework serves as game changer?

It is the framework that is responsible for shaping the overall performance, scalability, ultimate shape, cost as well as speed of what you can develop as well as deploy in your application. It is the right pick of the Framework that will help the app developers streamline everything, ensuring a smooth and extraordinary user experience along with reducing long-term associated costs.

A brief overview of React Native

With its introduction in the year 2015, React Native proved to be the game changer as far as the world of cross platform mobile app development is concerned.

React Native is among the top frameworks which is utilized for creating cross platform mobile applications. So the developers are putting forward the JavaScript library for creating native-like user interfaces. One of the remarkable things about this framework is that it utilizes similar code across several distinctive multiple platforms. The provision of its learn simply once and write just anywhere facility will assist the developers in creating distinctive versions for several multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

Some main React Native applications

      • Bloomberg

      • Discord

      • Wix

      • Pinterest

      • Facebook

      • Instagram

    Brief overview about Flutter

    The Flutter, being written in Dart Language, is utilized for crafting natively compiled applications for many distinct devices. This will include mobile, web as well as the desktop version and that too from just a single code base. Due to this feature of the framework, several of the developers globally prefer to use this owing to the array of customizable widgets that it is extending and thus serving as the building block for different components of UI.

    At the same time, Flutter is extremely well known for its high performance along with developer-friendly features. This will include its modern and sophisticated syntax, strong type framework, and AOT(ahead of time) compilation feature which contributes towards its efficient code execution, leading to faster and more responsive application development.

    Some main flutter applications

        • Hamilton

        • Toyota

        • Google Pay

        • Alibaba

        • BMW

        • Cryptograph

      Features Flutter  React Native
      Date of release flutter framework release in May, 2017 React Native came into market in March,  2015
      Developmental Language Dart is the developmental language which is utilized for crafting Flutter based applications Java Script is the developmental language which is utilised for creating React Native based Applications
      Code Base There is single code base usage for crafting apps on multiple platforms, mobile, web as well as desktop There is usage of the single code base for crafting mobile applications both for iOS as well as android platforms
      UI building type This framework adheres to widget based protocol for crafting custom UIs for applications This framework adheres to component based protocol for creating custom UIs for mobile apps
      Hot Reloading This Framework is providing the hot reloading characteristic for providing quick and real time update at the time of developing mobile apps Yes, this framework is also providing quick and real time updates at the time of mobile app development procedure
      Performance Capabilities Applications based on flutter extend close to native performance Applications based on react native extend near native performance
      Learning curve It is convenient to learn when developer is familiar with Dart It is convenient to learn when developer is familiar with React
      Customization features The developer has complete control over designing and creating customizable widgets With react native based framework ato developer has capability of utilising from component model for designing premium UI for mobile app
      GitHub Data 156k Stars, 25.8k Forks. 111k Stars, 23.7k Forks.

      Which one is easy to learn:  Flutter vs React Native Framework?

      Looking at Flutter vs  React Native, both of them are quite convenient to learn. This is something that varies from developer to developer. For example, some developers may find both of them difficult to learn especially when they are trying to learn it from scratch itself. However, owing to the extremely strong community support, any new developer can clear their queries and ask questions, solving all their doubts. Also with proper knowledge in hand, the developer can decide which of the platforms: Flutter vs React Native is best to learn.

      Especially when they are starting to get themselves acquitted with any new framework, then the best is to pick up React Native. The reason is this Framework provides predefined parts that the developer can utilise for crafting distinct types of iOS as well as Android applications. Under the condition that the developer already has some kind of programming knowledge, then they can choose Flutter for developing their apps. It is due to the reason that Flutter is providing distinctive APIs and there is a possibility of integrating the same into both iOS as well as Android applications.


      The comparison between Flutter vs React Native and their supremacy is undeniably one of the very hot topics of discussion. Although both of the frameworks are acting as extremely powerful solutions for cross-platform development, according to the belief of some of the industry experts, the rapid advancement and innovative widget-based design provide Flutter an edge over React Native. 

      But still React Native has the vast community support, along with the backing through Meta which is not at all slowing down. For all the businesses that are looking forward to developing their new mobile applications, it is important to take into consideration that both of these frameworks Flutter vs React Native are evolving at a faster pace, and many new updates are expected to be released in the year 2024. 

      So, the ultimate decision of the app developer will rely upon the overall cost, and time taken along with meeting the specific needs of their unique project. Keep your eyes open on the industry changes and trends taking place and this will help you to make an informed decision.

      Both frameworks have their target market and they will continue to share the market for a minimum of at least a few years from now. The future of these two frameworks flutter vs react native 2024 relies upon the teams that will be working for their improvement, community contributions, and transformations in the market along with ever-changing preferences and needs of the consumers!

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       Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

      • What is the flutter framework?

      The Flutter framework is serving as the open-source mobile application development framework and it has been put forward by Google company. It has been facilitating the developers for creating native mobile applications both for Android as well as iOS arising from the single codebase. 

      • What is the react native framework? 

      The react native serves as the open source mobile app development framework which was put forward by the Facebook company. It facilitates the developers for creating native mobile applications for both the Android as well as the iOS arising from the single code base. 

      • Is it possible to use react native for developing web applications? 

      No! There is no possibility. This is due to the reason that the React native framework is meant for crafting native mobile apps only. However, react native is acting as the mobile equivalent of ReactJS and this is quite of popular framework for the development of web applications. 

      • Is it possible to use Flutter for creating applications for the web? 

      Yes! There is a possibility of the flutter for supporting the utilization of the standard-based Web Technologies. This will include the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the creation of the web content. Also through the web support, you will be able to compile the existing Flutter code which is created in the Dart into the browser client experience, having the hosting on any website and deployment to any web server!