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How Much Is Flutter App Development Cost In Year 2024?

  • Post published:20 June 2024

Did you know that the Flutter framework is most common among all cross-platforms? Today, around 46% of developers use flutter. This is according to the statistical research. The flutter is a versatile framework. And revolutionizes the mobile app development world. It offers seamless performance across distinct platforms. Also, it possesses extensive community support. And gets frequent updates.

 So, all this makes the flutter most preferred among the developers globally. within a short period of flutter launch, it proves the promise. The framework expedites application creation. This saves the time and money of the app developers. today one third of the mobile developers leverage cross-platform technology. there is substantial demand for the flutter framework. The flutter has shown its high potential. And streamline the entire lab development process. At the same time, it delivers a short time to market. And leads to significant cost savings.

 But one question comes in the mind of everyone: How much is the Flutter app development cost? Well, it depends on several factors. on average, the flutter app can cost anywhere in between $10,000-$20,000. And this can be even more. this is an estimate by the IT service provider. Someone who works in cross-platform application development. In this blog let’s try to find out cost of Flutter app development.

 In this comprehensive blo post, there will be a breakdown of the factors. Also, calculation of the flutter app development cost. continue to read this blog to uncover all the intricacies, everything associated with the cost of flutter app development:

Why choose the Flutter app development service?

This Framework has demonstrated high potential since it was launched. The flutter streamlines the app development process. let’s find out the compelling  reason to consider the Flutter app development service:


The flutter is budget-friendly. this is in comparison to the cross-platform app development framework. Also, it meets diverse requirements of business. This is despite the size and structure of the business. Also, it promotes the code reuse. And this lets the developers create apps for multiple platforms. This is through the use of a single codebase. So, businesses can develop high-performance apps. This is with the desired functionality. There is rapid evolution of flutter applications. And contributes to the maintenance of low flutter app development costs.

Extraordinary User experience

The Flutter interfaces are adaptable to any platform. This ensures seamless integration across multiple devices. The rendering engine of the platform allows the developer to maintain the UI. So, users can enjoy a superb & native experience. This is despite of device. The mobile app provides an exceptional User experience. And it contributes to the business growth. This is through customer satisfaction and retention.

Fast and streamlined app development

The small businesses partner with the flutter app development company. So, they can have low flutter app development cost in India. Developers can create feature-rich mobile applications. this is through consuming less time and resources. So, companies can leverage the accelerated platform performance of flutter applications. Also, there is reduced time to market. This is in comparison to the competitors.

Enhanced productivity

There is a hot reloading feature of Flutter. This enables designers and developers to collaborate. this is actually done by reviewing the changes without code modification. The developers witness UI modifications. this is at the time of app development. It enhances efficiency and reduces development time. Also, there is hot reloading. So, developers can save time and effort. This is for the frequent code adjustments to view UI changes.

Multiple widgets in Flutter

There are many widgets available in Flutter. This is for several different industries. The widgets feature an array of capabilities. This facilitates developers to create complicated user interfaces. Also, there are third-party widgets and plugins. This streamlines the development process.

Modification functionality

The Flutter platform provides a single code-based development approach. So, there is application maintenance and modification. And it becomes easy for developers. Also, there is greater flexibility for startups and small businesses. This is to enhance modification capabilities.

Outstanding reactivity

The Flutter mobile application functions smoothly. This is across different platforms. Also, there is cross platform Dart program. And developers can create without code change. Also, can create incredibly responsive applications. The flutter reduces the time of developers to create programs. This is for distinct as well as OSs. Also, the programmers improve program usability. The businesses can assess the applications on different platforms. This includes computers, online platforms as well as mobile phones.

Average flutter app development cost: Quick Glance

On average typically, the cost of flutter development is between $25000-$200000. this is a rough estimate. And actual cost of Flutter app development varies.

Many factors influence cost of developing a flutter app. Let’s find out the same:

Factors that affect Flutter app development cost

Complexity of flutter application

The level of complexity of the app affects its cost. A simple app with limited functionality costs less. And flutter app with complex features costs more. for example whether app that display weather forecast cost between $25000 to $ 200000. And a social media app could cost around $100,000 or even more.

Size of app

This is another factor that determines cost of Flutter app development. The application size is the volume of data and also information. Along with that it also includes features. So, the cost to develop of flutter app is high. This is in comparison to a straightforward application. The smaller apps require fewer resources. And this is in comparison to the large & complex applications.

Features and functionality of the app

The features and functionality also affect the cost of Flutter app development. More features more functions, more complex app. So, this complexity adds to the increased development cost. Also, custom UX/UI design, animations, and other interactive elements add to the cost.

Location of developer and hourly rates

The location of the Flutter app developer impacts the cost. for example, in North America charges are higher. And this is in comparison to Eastern Europe or Asia. The Flutter app development cost in India is much lower. The hourly rate could be as low as 18-35 dollars. also, it depends upon the cost model you choose. for example, whether it is the fixed price model or the dedicated team model. Everything affects the cost to develop of Flutter app.

Integration with other systems

Also, integration of the Flutter app with other systems affects its price. the integration of the Flutter app with other systems needs technical expertise. for example, integration with multiple payment gateways requires thorough understanding. This is quite a challenging process. especially when the needs are not documented. This ultimately increases the cost to develop a Flutter app.

Design requirements platform

The design requirements also play an important role. This is to determine the look and feel of the mobile app. The design of the app for iOS and Android platforms affects the cost. As there is a need to understand both platforms. So, if the Flutter app is on one platform cost is lower. And multiple platforms increase the cost of Flutter app development.

Time frame for app development

The time frame for app development affects the cost. So, the longer the development time more the cost to develop of Flutter app. You can choose a time-based contract. Else there is the choice of fixed price contract.

The Flutter app development team

The choice of the team also affects the cost to develop of Flutter app. Do you want to hire in house team member? if yes you will have greater control over the development procedure. Or do you want to work with the mobile app development partner? Outsourcing Flutter app development is an economical option. you will pay for the number of hours worked. So, this helps you to scale the development team. Or you put it down as per requirement. So, this depends upon the size. Also on project complexity. Thus, outsourcing imparts greater flexibility. This is in terms of resources. Also, it reduces the cost of developing a Flutter app. And minimize unnecessary resources.


The Flutter Framework makes it convenient to develop the mobile application. Also, faster and more affordable. The flutter works best for both startups and established businesses. Anyone looking for a simple & economical solution. The Flutter app development cost varies. It is dependent upon the features. Also, the size and complexity of the application. Also, whether you want to choose to work with the in-house team. Or outsource Flutter app development.

Do you want to know how much Flutter app development costs? Well, it depends on many factors mentioned in the blog. So make sure to plan. This is before you contact the Flutter app development company for assistance. remember that the right flutter app provides you with a substantial return on investment. This is through user engagement. Also, customer loyalty and revenue generation. 

So, It is worthwhile to invest in high-quality mobile applications. As the custom-built flutter app, tailored to your requirements.Also ensure timely completion of your app development project occurs. And within your budget. And you get the exceptional flutter app, that is worth of your every penny of investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Flutter Framework reduce cost of app development?

The Flutter app development is cost-savvy. The low cost of flutter app development is due to several factors. This includes low developmental efforts. Also, use of a single code base. There is a lower maintenance timeline. Also, the cost to develop of Flutter app depends on location. So, all such factors come together. It lowers the cost to develop of Flutter app to a huge extent.

Why I should choose the Flutter platform for App development?

many factors make Flutter an excellent choice for app development. however, there are two stand-out reasons. the first is powerful backing from the company Google. Secondly, there is a series of widgets. This provides a native-like experience for mobile applications. Also, the cost of flutter app development is low in comparison to other frameworks.

How much it cost to develop of Flutter app in the year 2024?

The Flutter app development cost depends upon many factors. The calculation of the total hours needed to complete the development. The average cost to develop a flutter app is ranging in between $10,000-$20,0000.

Can I hire a Flutter app developer on an hourly or project basis?

Our company provides the Flutter app development service on different engagement models. So, you can choose on an hourly, or monthly basis. Or if the scope of the project is clear, then on a project basis. If you have an unclear project situation, hire our flutter developer on an hourly/ monthly basis.

What are the benefits of hiring a flutter developer from your company?

There are multiple benefits to hiring a flutter developer from a company. this includes:

  • flexible engagement models
  • 100% transparency
  • experience and expertise
  • stringent data security
  • most efficient project management
  • dedicated customer support
  • transparent communication

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