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Top 10 Amazing Apps Built With Flutter Framework

  • Post published:1 July 2024

Today many businesses use Flutter for quick app development. Companies ranging from startups to tech giants for example; Google, and BMW have made Flutter their top choice to create new applications. It is due to the developer-friendly, native-like performance of this framework. Also, it is easy to develop new applications with a single code base. So, a developer can build app with Flutter once and cross-compile the same. This is for the multiple platforms with Flutter. 

There is a growing increase in the number of apps built with Flutter. This convinces any established or budding entrepreneur to opt for the flutter framework. As it facilitates rapid app development. And also better and quicker outcomes.

 In this article, let’s explore some of the best apps built with Flutter. as this illustrates the extensive capabilities of this amazing framework. 

Furthermore, let’s also explore how popular apps built with flutter leverage benefits from their features. And we will also assess the impact of flutter on app performance:

Striking features of apps built with flutter

Today there are many apps built with Flutter. Few are more popular and others are less.  The Flutter Framework aids to build many popular apps. Some examples are Google Ads, Xianyu from Alibaba, Hamilton, Toyota, BMW, and many others. 

  • Cross platform development

Create a single code base using Flutter. This is compatible with Android, IOS devices. As it saves time and effort of flutter app developers.

  • Hot reload

Simply modify the code. And instantly check the outcome. Also, this is without the requirement to restart the application.

  • The prebuilt customizable widgets library

Uses an extensive collection of pre-built & customizable widgets. All this aids the Flutter app developer in crafting appealing UIs.

  • Native like performance of apps

Create applications that offer native performance. This is for both the Android as well as iOS platforms.

  • Community support

Receive robust community support. As you get the support of the dynamic and ever-expanding community of flutter developers and resources.

Top and best apps built with Flutter

Although you come across countless apps built with flutter. But in this blog post, let’s focus on the most popular ones. We dive deep into some of the most popular apps built with Flutter. And find how the businesses have utilized this framework to robust mobile applications:

Google Ads- Among Google Apps built with Flutter

This is among the popular apps built with Flutter. And it facilitates users to manage Google ad campaigns. And this is directly from their smartphone. This is the mobile version of the desktop platform. It is quite intuitive & looks appealing. And it allows users to track advertising output from any location. Thus, you are not at all restricted to the workplace. 

Some of the features of this app include campaign statistics. Also, it imparts the capability to update bits in real-time. There are live alerts and keyword editing features. Also, users can contact Google experts.

eBay Motors app built with Flutter

The Flutter is Google’s backend framework. And today it is a staple Technology behind this company’s products. but one more company that trusted Flutter for mobile app development is eBay Motors. The eBay Motors app allows users to search and purchase vehicles. As well as the vehicle components and accessories.

 The E-Commerce features are powered by the Escrow payment system. So, eBay Motors allows users to get in touch with their resellers. And this is through the chat. And they can also set alerts for new listings and can save their searches. This is all possible with the Flutter framework. The mobile app imparts users with great UX. And it seamlessly combines various components of complicated business logic. And extensibility of Flutter allows developers to shape it according to the local user habits. like they can add other payment systems to their checkout.

New York Times- KenKen Puzzle App built with flutter

The New York Times just like any other old fashion media tackle several challenges. The ones imposed by the digital era of today. And it turned out to be successful. It is all possible with the launch of the KenKen Puzzle app built with Flutter. It was introduced in the year 2019. And built through the single code base for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and other platforms. It imparts an immersive engagement experience to NYT readers. And turned out to be a huge hit in the media space.

KlasterMe is among the best mobile apps built with Flutter

This is another mobile application built with the Flutter framework. It is a popular content-sharing website. People can put their pages, images, blogs, write, and entries. So, this program facilitates the users to share their content with the general public. 

The interface of KlasterMe uses only content from other KlasterMeers. This simplifies the posting procedure with the creation of an aesthetically pleasing design.

Xianyu by Alibaba- Another outstanding mobile app built with Flutter

Whenever you think about Jack Ma, you think about Amazon. Along with world domination. There is a launch of the Xianyu app. And this is with the flutter signed on. And there are 200+ registered users. As the company decided to choose Flutter. As it is an excellent option. 

This is when they want the robust app to be implemented and scalar. In fact there are many applications with hundreds of millions of monthly active subscribers that have shifted to flutter.

PostMuse- photo editing Instagram app built with Flutter

Instagram has already become a leading social media site. This is not an exaggeration. Since this application is amazing and very popular. Many businesses use Instagram. As appears a natural means to have professionally looking images. And the portal PostMuse app is here to protect the same. 

This is one of the best apps built with Flutter. And it recommends the best pictures. So, the social media marketing of users looks authentic.

Google Pay- one more Google Apps built with Flutter

This is another striking and one of the top Google Apps built with Flutter. Google Pay is the most trusted payment gateway. And also a renowned online payment application by Google company. And it has 70+ million subscribers across the globe. Google pay requires a robust framework. 

Something that helps the organisation to enhance functionality and create an environment. And flutter fitted the bill. This new payment gateway can scale across iOS as well as Android platforms effectively.

Groupon- one of the top apps built with Flutter

This is among the best apps built with Flutter. The Groupon app provides the most exclusive coupons. And also deals with the users. So, the users can search for deals and discount coupons. As this is for the specific brands. Also, they can compare several other deals. And there are many other features. 

The Groupon app has two main variants which include customer-facing and merchant-facing. Groupon came into existence when the company intended to boost functionality. As it decided to integrate flutter into the existing solution. And not opting to rewrite the code. And this is something that works like a charm for the company.

Hamilton App- among first mobile apps built with Flutter

Hamilton is among the first and top apps built with Flutter. as it is the official application for the company’s Broadway musical. And this mobile application comprises the recent information about this band. And facilitate all the users to purchase tickets. As they can also enjoy some regular games.

 The developers choose Flutter to create Hamilton. This lets them enhance the interface. Also, improves overall appeal. And make the app faster, simplified, and much more exciting.

Fuse- innovative and one of the popular apps built with Flutter

The fuse is another exciting product from the flutter framework. The Fuse app allows its users to split the bills. And this is among family members or friends. And there is no need to ask for the money. As Fuse app records the cost as well as the charges of share of everyone directly from the bank accounts. The Flutter framework enables the developer to scale Fuse applications. And this has been made available on different platforms like Android & iOS. 

Also, it is a very safe portal where users can enter and save their billing information. Also, they can scan the receipts. & they can perform several other functions. And all this is without paying any charges!

To summarise, these are the top 10 and best apps built with the flutter framework. Apart from these, there are many other popular apps built with Flutter.

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When to choose Flutter to built apps?

The Flutter app development is a viable choice for businesses in following situations:

  • When You Look To Create Mvp For Your Startup
  • Need A Quick Market Launch For Your Unique Mobile Application
  • Require App That Runs On Both Android And Ios
  • Mobile App With Top Notch Ui & Impart Seamless Ux
  • Achieve Reliable And Faster Results

So, mobile apps built with Flutter help you to gain greater functionality. And that too with less coding as well as new expressive vocabulary. The flutter has already gained traction. And also the interest of the community. It is all due to its compatibility, user-friendly interface & most superior functionality. 

The top apps built with Flutter demonstrate the versatility of this powerful framework. Also, it has impressive performance and customizable widgets. And quicker development time. 

All such features make it a go-to choice for dedicated flutter app developers. The flutter showcases its capabilities. Flutter apps range from fields like social media, fitness trackers, and e-commerce. And you can expect even more innovative and engaging apps built with this powerful Framework in the future.

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 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • What is a flutter framework?

The flutter is an open-source UI software development kit. And it was brought forward by Google. Since its launch, it has been used to develop applications for diverse platforms. This includes mobile, web as well as desktop. And everything from the single code base. This amazing capability lets the flutter developer create apps quickly and efficiently across different platforms.

  •  Why is flutter a popular & go-to choice for mobile app development?

The flutter is a popular choice for app development. It is due to the reason that it facilitates developers to create quick, aesthetically pleasing, and native apps. And this is for both the platforms Android and iOS with a single code base.

  • Can you give examples of some more mobile apps built with Flutter?

Yes, there are many other popular apps built with Flutter. For example, Tencent, Platypus Crypto, Toughest, Myleaf, and several others.

  • Can I use Flutter only for mobile app development?

No! The Flutter Framework can be used to develop applications across various platforms. And this includes web and desktop. All this makes it quite a versatile framework for app development.

  • What are the benefits of choosing Flutter to build mobile apps?

Choosing a flutter framework for app development offers several benefits. Some of these include faster development, native performance, and expressive UI. Also, flutter incorporates a hot reload feature with strong community support. All this makes Flutter an ideal choice to build mobile apps quickly and efficiently.

  • Can flutter be a good choice for an E-Commerce platform?

Definitely yes! Looking at the E-Commerce app of leading brands, flutter is a powerful Technology. As it can deliver potential applications for e-commerce. There are extensive tools and libraries. And developers can build an app with Flutter all at once- for mobile, web, and desktop. And all this delivers value to the end consumers.

  • Can I hire Flutter app developers from your company on an hourly basis?

Definitely yes! We have different hiring models. This includes hourly, monthly, or even project basis. So you can hire a dedicated flutter developer from our company. And can also alter the hiring strategy as per your convenience.