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Fawry payment plugin for wordpress in 2024: Features, advantages & use

  • Post published:24 June 2024

The world of online e-commerce is ever-transforming. Today a business requires an effective payment gateway for a unique wordpress website. do you run your business in the Middle East? or Asia? and you want to embrace online payment seamlessly? if yes then Fawry payment WordPress is the ultimate solution. The Fawry payment plugin is used as a payment gateway. And it facilitates users to elevate online transactions on WordPress. And this offers a transformative solution.

 As this revolutionary platform, Fawry brings a paradigm shift. this is in the manner in which businesses handle the payments. So, people can receive payment in multiple currencies. This is helpful for online businesses. Also, for different events, ticketing, E-Commerce business. Or websites selling digital items. And thus, Fawry payment plugins WordPress is an extraordinary payment gateway. This is for the website and imparts a seamless customer interface. 

In this blog post, let’s learn about the Fawry payment plugin wordpress. And find question to answer like What is the Fawry payment plugin for WordPress?  How do I integrate payment method in WordPress? let’s explore the features of this wordpress payment plugin. also know about how to integrate payment methods in WordPress:

What is the Fawry payment plugin for WordPress?

Do you want to know, is fawry a payment gateway? and what is this wordpress payment plugin and why it stands out. The Fawry payment plugin is valuable for WordPress. As it empowers the wordpress websites to accept the payment. this is through the means of Fawry: most trusted & reliable wordpress payment plugins. It is popular in Egypt as well as the Middle East. The best thing about Fawry is it provides many different payment methods. this includes debit cards, credit cards, and cash on delivery. And also mobile wallets. 

At the same time, this plugin is compatible with leading E-Commerce shopping cards in the form of Woocommerce payment plugin.  And thus provides a seamless payment method to the users. This wordpress payment plugin comprises user-friendly integration. Also, incorporates fraud protection Technology.

 This tool integrates with leading website builders. This partnership allows users to create websites easily. And users can do the same without any hassle. So, do you want to achieve success in your online business with a global expansion plan? if yes then you should opt for this Fawry payment plugin for WordPress.

What is the way to use Fawry payment plugin for WordPress?

easy to use the Fawry payment plugin. just like a walk in the park. Also, the installation process of one of the best wordpress payment plugins is quite swift. and activation is straightforward. The user starts receiving payment instantly. do you know what is more amazing in addition to this? The Fawry payment plugin integrates smoothly with wordpress themes as well as plugins. It also integrates with a woo commerce payment plugin. The woo-commerce is a go-to platform to seamlessly conduct E-Commerce transactions.

Benefits to choosing Fawry payment plugin

The Fawry payment plugin is a payment gateway. It is created for websites on WordPress. The wordpress facilitates merchants to receive payment. And this is through the Fawry payment gateway.

 The wordpress site owner includes this payment plugin in online stores or businesses. this is possible with the help of the Fawry payment plugin. And it delivers the customers with safe and practical payment techniques.

The Fawry payment plugin provides several benefits to online businesses. here are some of the benefits of using WordPress, Fawry payment plugins:

Reliable payment plugin

This is one of the reliable wordpress payment plugins. the payment plugin provides the highest security standards. Also, it secures the payment information of customers. this is during the transactions.

Extensive reach

The Fawry today is one of the popular wordpress payment plugins. this secure plugin is helpful. especially when your business targets markets overseas. Importantly in countries like Egypt and the Middle East. So, make sure to incorporate Fawry payment plugin into WordPress. It expands your reach, especially when your customer target base is in the Middle East and Egypt.

Simplistic approach

The fawry payment plugin is user-friendly. the installation process is quite straightforward. And this ensures that you no longer have to be a tech wizard. This is to integrate payment methods into WordPress. So, it allows Swift installation. Also, easy activation. And you start to accept payment methods immediately. and deal with complex processes.

Versatile payment methods

The Fawry delivers diverse payment methods. So, this provides customers with flexibility. Also, convenience. So, users can use credit card/ debit cards. Or cash on delivery, mobile wallets for transactions. This wordpress payment plugin offers an array of preferences. So, it enhances the user shopping experience. Also, they use the payment method suitable to them.

High security and reliability

The Fawry payment plugin provides high security. As it adheres to PCI DSS safety and security standards. Thus, it is established as a trustworthy choice. So, this makes  secure wordpress transaction. Also, protect the data. The Fawry installs confidence and reliability among users. this is to use the online payment process.

Convenient site integration

The user integrates the Fawry payment plugin for wordpress into the website. Also, integration is easy. the user need not learn coding skills. The Fawry payment gateway allows a seamless payment experience. this is for both customers and website owners.

limitations of the Fawry payment plugin

The Fawry payment plugin in WordPress has several benefits. As it provides easy access to customers to make payments.

 But it has some limitations also. So, now let’s find limitations of this payment plugin:

Less performance

The Fawry payment plugin comprises multiple plugins. This slows down the website. it occurs due to the poor code. Also, conflicts with one another

Compatibility issues

Some plugins do not work with wordpress core. Or even one another. So, there is a conflict. As compatibility issues arise. And the wordpress website may malfunction.

Need regular updates & maintenance

The Fawry payment plugin requires regular updates. Also, needs maintenance to keep all plugins safe and secure. Also to function properly. So, this adds to the burden for the maintenance of the website.

How to integrate the Fawry payment plugin into WordPress?

We have already explored the benefits & limitations of Fawry payment plugin. So you want to know how I integrate payment method in WordPress? How can I use the Fawry payment on my wordpress website? let’s have a look:

Fawry payment plugin installation

go to the wordpress dashboard

navigate to plugins > add new

Search for,” Fawry payment plugin for WordPress”

click on the installation icon and then activate

the configuring plugin

the next is to visit the plugin settings in the dashboard of WordPress

and simply enter the API credentials of Fawry that you can get from your account

to customize the plugin settings matching to the wordpress website requirements. This includes the payment methods and options for checkout

testing transactions

before going live, simply carry out a few test transactions. this is to ensure that everything is working fine. Also, you can use Fawry sandbox environment for this task.

going live

Are you satisfied with your test transactions? if yes then go to the live mode. Simply begin to accept payment from your client’s

Oroblems faced when you integrate Fawry payment plugin for WordPress

Now you know what is Fawry payment plugin for WordPress, is and how to integrate the same. let’s find out the problems faced while trying to integrate payment methods in WordPress.

Technical Glitch

The user can face the technical glitches. this is after the integration of the plugin into WordPress. there can be potential system damage. Or loss of data. as a system stops working. And customers become unable to carry out transactions.

Not seeing a processing fee

This takes place after the integration of this wordpress payment plugin. Then, there is no visibility of the processing fee. this is a type of Technical error. And the user needs to fix it. So, that customers can see the processing fees.


The chargeback is a common issue. Encountered when you use the wordpress payment plugin. The contested charges reduce overall merchant credit. The Merchant needs to remedy this. otherwise, it leads to damage to the business’s reputation. Also, to the credit score. and the worst is it causes the merchant account to close.

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Now in this blog post, you know what is fawry payment plugin for WordPress is? And how do I integrate payment method in WordPress? Hope, your question is answered in this blog. 

The Fawry payment plugin wordpress is a valuable tool for e-commerce websites. it comprises of robust features. Also, provides seamless integration with improved security. And today it become the top choice for businesses who want to streamline payment processes. So, you need to follow the steps if you want to find our how do i integrate   payment method in WordPress. everything is mentioned above. This helps you to quickly integrate the plugin. Customers enjoy a fast and Secure payment experience. As a business owner can expand your business globally.

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Do you want to hire dedicated wordpress developers? if yes then, our company App Tag employs the payment gateway integration specialist who will be helping you to accomplish your project right, to expand your business globally. our experts integrate well and simplify the entire purchase procedure from the start to the finish with the robust Fawry payment Gateway API integration! get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Fawy payment plugin safe and secure?

Yes, the transactions that are conducted with a Fawry payment plugin are safe and secure. This payment gateway protects the client’s information. Also, locate confidence and reliability in the online payment process.

Is Fawry payment plugin WordPress is compatible with all themes of WordPress?

Yes, the Fawry, one of the best WordPress payment plugins is compatible with the majority of its themes. As it follows the coding standards of WordPress. Also, ensure seamless integration. The customized themes need additional adjustments. This is for optimal compatibility.

Is there any transaction fee with the Fawry payment gateway?

The Fawry payment plugin wordpress offers free plan. it comes with basic features. The paid plan is for higher transaction volume. And this incurs fees. you can check the official pricing plan on Fawry page. Or Contact the customer support team for information on transaction fees. This is according to your unique requirements!

Can I use Fawry payment plugin with other E-Commerce platforms?

Definitely yes! you can use the  Woocommerce payment plugin for wordpress website utilising the ecommerce . So, Fawry is the WooCommerce payment plugin.

How do I integrate payment method in WordPress?  Do I require technical expertise?

To get the answer do I require technical expertise & how do I integrate payment methods in WordPress, the answer is you don’t require extensive technical knowledge. The Fawry integration configuration processes are simple. And in order to find how to I integrate payment method in WordPress, read blogpost above. 

Do I require to create Fawry account for using this plugin?

yes, you need to create your Fawry account. this is to use this payment plugin. And for seamless transactions. if you want to create an account, simply move to the home page of Fawry Digital. click on get started. after that, you see the account registration form. fill out the details. In this way, you create your Fawry account to use the plugin.

Is there an availability of sandbox mode to test the Fawry plugin?

Definitely yes! this WooCommerce payment plugin comprises of sandbox. So, you can activate the credit card sandbox. This is after you click the check mark. after you activate the sandbox, get the test merchant code. Also, get the security key from the plugin. And this key facilitates you to activate the environment for testing.