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7 Best WordPress Cache Plugin To Boost Site Speed In 2024

  • Post published:4 May 2024

Are you searching for the best WordPress cache plugin for your unique site? Well this is certainly a necessity in the fast paced online realm of today. No user want to stay on the sluggish website and they are likely to bounce off under the condition when it is taking too much of time for loading. And this is where the caching plays a crucial role. 

The main job of the caching is to store the wordpress site copy on the server. So under the circumstance when the user will be opening the site again, the server will be in a condition to simply pulling up the copy so that the users do not have to reload the website again from the scratch. you have to know how much does WordPress cost.

Thus, caching will be storing the version of the website which is much faster for loading, improving the performance as well as the speed of the site. The fastest websites are also capable of winning the favour of the search engines, improving their visibility on the internet.

Although you will come across several different and best wordpress catching plugin, it undeniably feel quite overwhelming for picking up the most appropriate tool. By reading this blog post, you will be able to determine the role catching is playing in the optimization of your website. Also you will come across many different and best wp cache plugin that have been tested out in the market today.

 During the testing of the best wp fastest cache, there is a focus on many different features for example provision of catching, convenience of utilization, price packages and many other factors. In this blogpost, you will come across some of the best wordpress cache plugin to boost site speed. 

Take a glance at some of the top wordpress cache plugins in order to choose the right one for your website. So let’s begin:

 Why use best wordpress cache plugin?

The utilisation of the WordPress cache plugin is one of the most convenient tactic for increasing the overall speed of your site. The installation of the catching plugin will be leading to the storage of the parts of website for example static HTML files, CSS/ JavaScript files and many others on the server. 

Through the storage of the cache pages of site, the catching plugin will be leading to the reduction of the processing which is actually needed for serving the pages. A few of the caching content towards the level of the server along with the others will be leveraging browser caching and this will result in:

A fast site along with the better WordPress Search Engine Optimization. The search engine will be imparting the most significant SEO edge for the quicker web pages, and this will be assisting out in ranking higher on the search engine results pages.

A greater power can be leveraged upon for handling the wide volume of traffic. And this is actually possible without slowing down of the performance of website or impacting the uptime. This is playing a crucial role when you are running the E-commerce website.

Apart from that, by opting the best cache plugin you will be able to provide the extraordinary user experience. The users will be visiting the website and will be experiencing the faster page loading time, making everything less likely to bounce from the website.

7 Best wordpress cache plugin to boost site speed 

WP Rocket wordpress cache plugin

when you are looking to figure out best & wp fastest cache, then WP Rocket can be among the top pick. It is one of the most convenient and beginners friendly, which is extremely amazing help especially for the beginner. With the help of the WP Rocket, the users of the WordPress will be able to instantly cache the site and that too with one single click. With activation of the plugin, the crawler will be able to automatically fetch the pages for creating up the cache.

Features of WP rocket wordpress cache plugin

  • Being user friendly plugin, it is best for the beginners
  • There is availability of the crucial catching features especially the ones which are out of box. This is ranging from the page caching, browser caching to even the mobile device catching.
  • there is also additional of the Optimisation characteristics meant for speeding up the speed of the site, loading time along with the options for minifying CSS files as well as facilitating CDN integration.
  • Few of the advanced features for example database Optimization, multisite support along with the catching exclusions is based on the URL’s/ cookies.

LiteSpeed WordPress Cache plugin

The LiteSpeed cache plugin is extending the all in one website acceleration solution which is embedded with the most exclusive server level cache along with the collection of the Optimization characteristics. Currently this particular plugin is already having more than 4 million of the active installations with the high compatibility with the popular plugins. This is actually including some of the famous plugins like Woo Commerce, BB Press, Yoast SEO and many others.

Features of LiteSpeed WordPress Cache plugin

  • This particular wordpress plugin is providing the page as well as the browser catching.
  • It is having the free QUIC.Cloud CDN cache
  • This plugin is minifying the CSS, HTML along with the JavaScript.
  • This plugin is performing the lazy loading on all the images as well as i frames.

Super Cache -among best wordpress catching plugin

This is among the best free wordpress cache plugin which is developed by the Automattic, an organisation which is running This particular of the wordpress catching plugin is embedded with two settings. The one is simple and the other one is expert. The first catching plugin is quite a faster provision in comparison to the other. The reason is that it is not capable of executing any PHP scripts. However it is requiring the user for editing the .htaaccess file.

The second is a medium in between the fastest site loading speed along with the convenience of utilization. So there is a recommendation of picking up this method confident about editing the .htaaccessfile.

Features of Super wp cache plugin

  • It is among the best free wordpress cache plugin
  • There is availability of the most advanced catching settings which is including the expert catching, capable of handling the high traffic along with the custom catching provisions for controlling the manner in which the plugin is working.
  • Also there is feature of cache garbage collection for deleting old cache pages along with keeping site updated.
  • The availability of basic CDN meant for rewriting the site content URLs in order to load everything with CDN.

Cache Enabler- Another best WP cache plugin

Created by the KeyCDN, this one of the best wordpress catching plugin is capable of boosting the performance of the website. It is among the best free wordpress cache plugin. While activating the plugin initially, the plugin page will be looking rather much simpler.

Created by the KeyCDN, this one of the best wordpress catching plugin is capable of boosting the performance of the website. It is among the best free wordpress cache plugin. 

While activating the plugin initially, the plugin page will be looking rather much simpler. This will be making it quite a powerful provision on its own. Also the user will be able to personalize the duration for which the cache files will be lasting in order to meet the unique needs of the website despite of choosing the duration that has been specifically set for them.

Features of Cache Enabler

  • Simple to use cache plugin page interface which is convenient for understanding by beginners
  • Gzip as well as the Brotli compression support for reducing size of files
  • This best wordpress cache plugin is providing the provisions for automatic as well as manual cache clearing.
  • Minifying
  • HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript files
  • This plugin is supporting the WordPress multisite installations

W3 Total- Best WP Cache Plugin

Are you looking forward to use the wordpress cache plugin embedded with several of Optimization features? if yes then you should opt for W3 Total- Best WP Cache Plugin. The W3 Total Cache will be providing many different types of the catching. This is apart from the page as well as the browser one. It is also having the object caching as well as the database catching.

 And the two of them will be speeding up the execution of most dynamic components of website & not just the static one. Apart from that, this one of the best and fastest WP cache, is having the Google page speed insights integration. At the time of the testing, this feature will be letting the user for testing the speed of the website without leaving the wordpress admin region and this is what makes it quite user friendly.

Features of W3 Total Cache

  • One striking thing about this product is that it is best free wordpress cache plugin with availability of free- page, browser,op code, database query as well as object catching
  • Google pageSpeed insights integration for testing the speed of site
  • characteristic of image Optimization for example lazy loading as well as WebP conversion
  • other Pro features within premium version include CDN support for whole website along with fragment catching for plugins as well as themes by using WordPress transient API

Sucuri among best WP cache plugin

The Sucuri is technically a WordPress Firewall plug in which is having the built in catching provision for speeding of the site which just few of the clicks.

 Also, Sucuri is used on the WP beginner and thus majority of the people are familiar with this WordPress plugin. Also, this wordpress cache plugin is capable of supporting the Brotli, which is a data compression algorithm launched in the market by Google company. 

It is quite faster in comparison to Gzip compression. Also it is effective for compression of the larger files along with the reduction in the usage of bandwidth. And this means individuals who are having the slower internet connection can visit the website in a quick manner.

Features of Sucuri wordpress cache plugin

  • It incorporates convenient to utilize caching features that can be enabled with just few of the clicks
  • User friendly cache clearing functions for the whole website as well as specific files/ folders
  • support for Compression algorithms for example popular Gzip as well as New Year provisions like Brotli
  • Most reliable and trustworthy CDN service having the world wide network coverage, a striking feature for websites with Global audience
  • Top notch security features for example web application firewall, removal of malware as well as DDoS protection

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Comet Cache- another powerful and best WP cache plugin

The Comet Cache is another quite powerful catching plugin for word press site. It is taking the real time snapshot for each and every page, posting category, link and many other aspects. 

This will be enabling it for being referenced at a later stage. This actually leads to the improvement in the speed of the website, with the reduction in the server load. The plugin is having more than 40000 active installations.

Features of Comet Cache plugin for WP

  • It is simplistic for setting up with convenience of utilization
  • This wordpress cache plugin will automatically be clearing up the cache when you update the website
  • This is also including the provision for controlling the client side browser catching behaviour
  • This one of the fastest WP cache will be facilitating you for specifying the URIs under the condition when catching is not holding applicability
  • This plugin is also facilitating the users for manipulating the Comet Cache behavior through the utilization of the hooks/ filters extended by WordPress plugin API


The blog post has already included some of the most reliable and best wordpress cache plugin solutions. These are both the paid as well as available free of cost that can be utilized for boosting the speed and performance of the website. 

The plugins are super easy for configuring while providing you the single click caching. The WordPress cache plugin can definitely be one of the most viable solution for the users. These are not only convenient to use, cost effective but also capable of boosting the speed and performance of the website.

 If you are searching for ways to achieve full service site hosting without the hassle of additional plugins, then you will be requiring the fully managed site host.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • How WordPress cache plugin works?

The wordpress cache plugin is storing the temporary website content copies for example page, images, text. This leads to the reduction in the as well as improving page load time. it is also accompanied with highly efficient built-in features for example, page catching, browser catching, GZIP compression along with other optimization features for enhancing the overall site performance.

  • Do I require best wordpress cache plugin for my site?

Definitely yes! if you are intending the wordpress site to be fast performing as well as use of friendly, you need to consider catching plugin for the same.

  • Is there built in cache plugin within WordPress?

By default, there is no built in catching mechanism capable of creating and serving static HTML pages within the WordPress. However, it is not having few of the object catching capabilities assisting out for optimizing database queries.

  • Are there any of best free wordpress cache plugin?

Majority of the wordpress catching plugins are free, extending few of the additional features within the premium version. Some of the best wp cache plugin include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Breeze, WP Rocket etc.