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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a WordPress Website in year 2024?

  • Post published:5 February 2024

Do you want to launch your online business? Are you looking forward to creating your own website? If yes then you must have pondered online to find out how much does WordPress cost? After all, you need to be extra careful! The reason is that otherwise, the overall cost of building a website will turn out to be a massive hiccup. 

Wondering how much a WordPress website costs? Well, one of the most crucial decisions that is impacting the cost of your WordPress website is the choice of the CMS. And of course, if you are going with the popular WordPress then you will surely be creating the most beautiful as well as the professional websites through the utilization of this amazing platform. And the great thing is that you can do everything within the budget. However, initially, it is quite difficult to determine how much your WordPress website costs. 

What is the WordPress website cost in India & abroad?

The overall development procedure will depend upon several factors for example the nature of the website and who is creating it. In comparison to other countries all over the world, the development of a WordPress website cost varies and this is based upon several of the factors. You can expect the cost to vary from one web development cost to another and who is building the same. 

The WordPress website cost in India is on average $600-$4800. The personal or website blogging will cost roughly anywhere between $480- $3600. As far as the business website is concerned, it is pricing anywhere in between $720 – $4200. The e-commerce website is ranging in between $1200-$6000.

Factors that affect WordPress website cost

If you want to find out how much does a WordPress Website cost in India or anywhere in the world, then you need to take into account several factors. Since the time word press came into existence, it has gone through a huge transformation from a simple blogging platform to a fully blown CMS. By the year 2021, 455+ million of the websites are using this popular platform. In fact some of the world-renowned portals like The New York Times, Vogue, and Time Magazine are based on WordPress. Owing to its immense popularity, today, WordPress is acting as the enterprise-level CMS, both open as well as free of cost.

When you are looking forward to developing a WordPress website, an efficient and full-functioning online entity, then you are required to need a lot more features than the free version that this platform is offering. It is these add-ons that will be adding to the overall wordpress website cost!

  • WordPress plan

For the creation of the extraordinary WordPress website, you are required to pick up the WordPress plan which is simply perfect for you. You may come across low WordPress hosting packages, however, the exact cost will be dependent upon the type of package that you will be picking up. These days WordPress provides personal, premium, business as well as e-commerce plans. Each of the plans is different from the other one in terms of the costing, provisions of customization as well as overall support.

  • Domain hosting

The choice of the web host will have a major influence on the website. This is one of the crucial factors you have to take into consideration while estimating how much does a WordPress Website cost. You may also come across several of the roasting plans based on the bandwidth as well as the budget. 

One thing that you are required to note is that while getting the web hosting the price will be determined by the quality. Although cheap hosting will be cutting corners, as well as overcrowded servers will be making a profit, it will have a dramatic impact on the performance of the website. The expensive web hosting options on the other hand are quite flexible, and this is going to include the advanced features for example resource isolating, as well as the prevention of the sharing of resources with the other sites.

  • Domain name

The domain name is the home address of a website. The website for example the Bluehost as well as the Go Daddy will be selling the domain name. Also, you will be able to check the cost of the preferred domain name beforehand. The price of domain names varies based on the domain extension that you will be picking up. For example, there is a difference in the cost of .com or .org. Also, the price of the domain name will be dependent upon the company that you purchase from, along with the extra add-on features that you will be choosing.

  • WordPress theme choice

Another factor that determines how much does it cost for a wordpress website is the theme choice. For instance, the theme will facilitate you to organize the content and display it in a manner that will be looking appealing to the target audience. You will be choosing the website theme based on the branding strategies. The theme will reflect the identity of the brand as well as effectively convey the brand message. WordPress will be providing several arrays of free domains. 

However, if you are looking forward to making an impact on your audience through distinguishing website design, then you can also go for a professional website. The professional WordPress website design cost in India and anywhere in the world will depend upon the nature of the web design company as well as your unique requirements.

  • WordPress plugins

The plugins act as small bits of code that can put the website for enhancing the functionality as well as improve the overall user experience. You can imagine everything as an application that can be downloaded on the phone. However, the plugins will specifically be meant for the website. The WordPress will be providing the free as well as the paid plugins. You can also look forward to hiring a Web development company in India to develop custom plugins for your specific website. vs.

It is very important to make the distinction between & While there are several differences between the platforms, the main striking difference between & is that the first one is a hosted blogging solution that will facilitate the user to create the website within the WordPress software. 

The other one is a self-hosted version that will be facilitating you to create the site on your own. is actually remarkable for all those who are looking forward to creating the site from the ground up as well as maintaining complete control over the website. This will facilitate the knowledge of the coding as it is not meant for the novel website designers. on the contrary is user-friendly. Also, it will not be facilitating the advanced customization unless and until you purchase the costly plan. pricing & packages

One of the main advantages of is that it is completely free. However, in order to create your website on this platform, you are required to first find a WordPress hosting company that is capable of hosting your site. 

There are many different types of hosting packages and the price is ranging from INR 160 to INR 1152 per month or even more. The WordPress security, uptime, bandwidth, storage as well as customer support are all factors that will determine the overall cost of the web hosting plan. The cost which will be associated with the creation of the site will include the custom themes, templates as well as a plugin. will facilitate the users to become creative as they intend through the installation of the theme, templates as well as plugins. However, the creativity will be coming at the most hefty cost. will be providing five different plans according to the unique requirements of the clients.

  • Free Plan

Cost- Free

Best for personal use

  • Premium Plan

Price- INR 280/ month, billed annually

Best for- freelancers

  • Business plan

Price- INR 640/ month, build yearly

Best for small businesses

  • Commerce

Price-  INR 1152/ month billed yearly

Best for e-commerce storeswordpress

Other top word press alternatives

WordPress is an extremely powerful content management system, CMS which will assist individuals as well as businesses in the creation of top-of-the-line websites, but it is not the only one on the market. There is an array of options for WordPress alternatives which will require less coding knowledge as well as more intuitive design solutions.


By reading the blog, you might have an idea about how much does a WordPress Website cost. The amazing thing is that you will have several options for the creation of your dream website. You can choose between as well as In case you have the coding know-how or you are looking forward to crafting the site from the ground up, then the platform is no brainer at all. 

For all those who are looking forward to finding out how much does it cost for a WordPress website and want a budget-friendly solution then is surely the best bet. However, downside of the is that you will not be able to customize the website as much as you want unless and until you purchase WordPress plans.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Is WordPress free of cost?

If you are looking forward to finding out how much does a wordpress site costs, then it depends upon the nature of the WordPress your considering. As far as is concerned, it is free. However, the users will have to make up payment for the hosting service. has a free plan however it’s quite limited. The WordPress website cost will range anywhere between INR 160 to INR 1152 per month.

  • Is similar to

No, is a hosted website builder that will facilitate the user to create the website through the utilization of WordPress software. is a self-hosted, as well as an open source site builder that will facilitate the user for creating the website from scratch.

  • What do you think is better for beginner website designers, or

Are you new to the world of website development? If yes then, is the best option for you. The fully hosted site solution will assist the users in crafting websites that are up as well as running in no time. will need the users to know at least the coding basics for launching the website.

  • How many plugins any wordpress have?

WordPress has one of the most extensive plugin libraries in the globe with 59000+ plugins available.

  • Does WordPress provide customer support service?

No, is not providing any customer support service. However, there are several community resources as well as forums where the individual can book forward for assistance. provides email, live chat as well as 24/7 priority and live support.