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7 Best Free Backup Plugin For WordPress In 2024

  • Post published:28 June 2024

Do you own or manage a wordpress website? If yes, you need a plugin to back up all files and content. Otherwise, you could lose crucial information during a technical emergency. There are different ways to backup a website. manually saving your file takes time. So, a convenient solution is to use a wordpress backup plugin. And this automatically creates a backup of your site.

Do you manage several wordpress websites? If yes, it is crucial to back up your wordpress website regularly. This guards against losing all information. what to do if you don’t have the budget for a paid premium solution? Well, fortunately, there are several best free backup plugin for WordPress. These are available to back up the posts, pages, and product descriptions. And also everything else that is there on the website. In this blog post, let’s look at the key features and limitations of some of the best free backup plugins for WordPress.

 The ultimate goal of providing this information is to help readers make informed decisions. this is about choosing the right and best free wordpress backup plugin for their website:

Features of key & best free backup plugins for WordPress

Do you want to scoop out the backup plugins options? If yes , few features come with the best free wordpress backup plugin. let’s have a look:


there is little point in going for the backup plugin if you want things automated as you may well conduct the backup manually every time.


This depends upon your technical knowledge. Are you tech-savvy? If yes then it is convenient to restore from backup in a better way.

Backup complete site

Do you want your database? it is not the only thing! but you also need media files, themes, and much more. So, backup restores part of your site. And also leaves you with a lot of work to do.

Support system

Are you using the free wordpress backup plugin? and do you encounter a problem? This is when you restore to turn one. In such a situation you can get help from well-stocked FAQs. This is a good start. Our dedicated customer support team. And you can take the help at hand.

Criteria to choose the best free backup plugin for WordPress

There are quite a few free wordpress backup plugins. Some are pretty great. Thus, it is hard to choose the best one for you and your website. So how to make an informed decision? there are a few things to consider:


Just like any wordpress plugin, make sure to install something which is well made. So, choose the plugin that won’t blot. Or slows down your website.

Trustworthy plugin

it is important to trust your backup plugin. read about the reviews of the best free backup plugin WordPress. find out if the developer responds quickly. And effectively to support any requirements?

Security features

Are there any extra security measures put in place? This is to keep the backups safe and secure.

Other features

Pretty much any type of the best free backup plugin WordPress offers schedule backups. just find out what exactly you need beyond that.

In this blog post, let’s explore the 7 best free backup plugins for WordPress.

Here we cover the essential features, advantages, and potential drawbacks of every plugin. This helps you to find the best fit for your wordpress website. let’s have a look!

Duplicator Pro: one of the best free wordpress backup plugins

The Duplicator Pro is a powerful and user-friendly wordpress backup plugin. it is used by 1.5 million users. And makes it easy to back up, migrate & clone wordpress websites. And it is even good for the beginners. the user can view all the backups right from the dashboard of WordPress. So, backup management is convenient.

 The duplicator comes with all backup features. This includes complete wordpress files. And also database backups, and recovery points. And also achieved encryption to enhance security. The free version is handy. However, if the website is large or complex, then there is a limitation. So, for full functionality, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

UpdraftPlus- most popular best free WordPress backup plugin

This is among the most popular and best free wordpress backup plugins. And is used by 3 million websites. UpdraftPlus allows you to create a complete backup of the wordpress website. And store the same in the cloud or download it to the computer. So, plugins support scheduled backups. And also on-demand backups. 

This popular free wordpress backup plugin allows you to restore the backups directly from the wordpress admin panel. And it comes in the premium version with add-ons. And this is to migrate/clone websites. Also, comes with database search, replacement, and multisite support. And several other features. So, the premium version also gets access to priority support.

Jetpack VaultPress backups- full-featured and best free wordpress backup plugin

The Jetpack VaultPress Backups are developed by Automattic. And it is a full-featured backup solution. And integrates deeply with the Jetpack plugin suite. It is well known for its real-time backup feature. Also, there are comprehensive tools for security. And performance. All this makes it a powerful choice. 

As Jetpack automatically saves changes. This means that the website is updated in the backup. And this is without the need to do anything. Also, it works with other Jetpack features. And provide a well-rounded approach. This is to manage security, performance & backups. The JetPack is a consideration for small businesses. Or individuals looking for the wordpress backup plugin solution. However, Jetpack does not provide the capability to manually select specific directories. Or files to backup. And this is in comparison to other plugins.

BackWPub- top and best free wordpress backup plugin

This is another free wordpress plugin. And comes with premium features. The BackWPub provides complete backups. And also storage within the cloud. on the system, through email, or even FTP. Also, there is a need to schedule a backup. And this is based on how often you update the website. 

Do you know what is the best thing that stands out among the free WordPress backup plugins? It is the convenience of usage. And 600,000 websites use the plugin. As it offers manual backups. And convenient website migration. And seamless integration with cloud services. Besides that, this wordpress plugin supports multisite networks. And users can schedule separate databases and also file backups. The major drawback is it does not provide automated backups. Cloud backups are available within Pro versions only.

 WPvivid- automated and best free wordpress backup plugin

The WPvivid allows users to backup, and restore. and also migrate quickly and conveniently. So, you can automate the backups. And also restore everything with a single click. And use the cloud for storage purposes. The striking thing is that it offers scheduled automatic backups. Also supports website integration. 

And helps to develop a staging environment for the site. This plugin is amazing. As it comes with a free trial for the new users. And you can also upgrade to the premium version. One of the limitations of this automated & best free backup plugin WordPress is non-support for real-time backups.

Total Upkeen- best backup plugin WordPress free & keeps data safe

The Boldgrid brought Total Upkeen to the market. It is another website backup tool that keeps the data safe. So, you can get the tool to back up the website. And also upload to Amazon S3 and Google Drive. Or download it through SFTP. You can also restore the website. And this is as convenient as using built-in tools.

There are some other important features in this plugin. for example, website checker & update automated to create cached backups to the site. There are several striking tools in the free version. You can also save individual files. this is before you modify the same by plugins. It supports both FTP as well as SFTP. One limitation of this free wordpress backup plugin is remote storage to Amazon S3. Or Google Drive is a premium feature.

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Blog Vault- this is among fastest and best free wordpress backup plugin

BlogVault claims a 100% success rate. And this is with the website restoration. And it claims to be the fastest backup login in the market. The free best wordpress backup plugin imparts incremental backups. And also cloud storage. And even the single-click staging environment. So, it helps users to conveniently backup and restore websites. 

At the same time, it supports multisite networks, website staging, and migration. with the support of the cloud backup, it monitors the site. and provide the alerts under the condition of any issues. One limitation of this wordpress backup plugin is that it does not take partial backup. Also, it is cloud-only. And does not support local backup.

Conclusion: which is the best free wordpress back in plugin

It is always crucial to have a backend plan for your website. In this way, you can secure your wordpress website. And also safeguards the data. And now this is possible with the best free wordpress backup plugin. make sure to choose the one that offers automatic backups. This is either daily, weekly, or monthly. In this way, you no longer have to worry about closing the current version of the site.

 So, the best wordpress backup plugin is the one that you like. And also it has the features you require. The decision about a backup plugin depends on your unique needs. And also compatibility with the wordpress site. make sure to choose the free wordpress backup plugin which is easy to use. And the installation process and dashboard UI are easily understandable. The plugin should come with rich features. for example incremental backups, scheduled backups, convenient restoration, premium support, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Which one is the best free backup plugin for WordPress?

The best free backup plugin for WordPress depends on what you are looking for. The free versions of backend plugins include Duplicator, BackWPub, JetPack Vault Press, WPvivid, and much more.

  • How can I automate backups for the WordPress website?

It is good to automate backups for the wordpress website. As it saves time. And also ensure consistency. The backup plugins offer scheduling. This is in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly automatic backups. make sure to store backups offsite. And this is on services for example Dropbox/ Google drives. As it ensures safety under conditions of server failure.

  • How can I back up/ restore my wordpress blog?

The best way to backup or even restore your wordpress blog is the use of the inbuilt backup server. And it restores the features. Or utilise the reliable backup plugin. also manually backup the wordpress files. And even databases through FTP/SFTP as well as PHPMyAdmin. However, this method is a bit complicated and consumes time.

  • How long are free wordpress backup plugins kept?

Well, it all depends upon the backup plugin. but there is a 30 day achievement. And this is quite typical. and other plugins allow you to choose the number of backups that you save.

  • Does the backup plugin work in case my wordpress site is down?

In the majority of cases, the owner can still restore the backup, if their site is down. However, this typically involves access to the server. This is through the FTP as well as PHPMyAdmin or to run a script using SSH. Such steps are confusing. And also complicated for several website owners. so it is relatively convenient to mess things up.

  • How much storage space do I require for backup plugins for WordPress?

The storage space needed depends upon the size of the website. And also on the content. So, plugins offer options. This is to optimise storage usage. For example, UpdraftPlus facilitates users to choose different cloud storage options. And everything is customising the backup destination to the available space as well as preferences.