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Is Flutter Good For Web Development In 2024? Here Is What All You Need To Know

  • Post published:27 June 2024

The offshore developers are always on the lookout for new technology stacks. something that can make their work convenient. And at the same time provide better user experiences. One framework that fits into this expectation is Flutter. The Flutter is a software development kit brought by Google company. Since its launch, it has gotten a lot of attention in the world. a report was released by Google. And suggest that 100000+ flutter-based applications have already been released among the public. Flutter is immensely popular. And even today it is famous as a multi-platform Android & iOS mobile development tool. 

The landscape of development changes every day. Choosing the right technology for your project is a strategic decision. So, let’s gain insights into the advantages and disadvantages of flutter for your unique business before you give this Framework a go. In this blog post, let’s find out an overview about Flutter & why is good for web development & its road map in 2024:

Starting with the basics: what is flutter?

The magic about flutter is that the user creates stunning applications. Also, fast native apps for iOS, Android, web, PC, Linux as well as others from a single code base. Yes, you got it right! The flutter developer writes a single code line. and it compiles to the native app for a specific operating system( platform). The flutter development is an exciting solution. As it is efficient and cost-effective. And with every update, flutter is becoming closer to its native solution.

 So, the question is Flutter good for web development in 2024? Before deep diving into the statement, you should know that many businesses choose Flutter for web development as they lay strong emphasis on increasing the number of customer touchpoints. So, does the developer take into consideration this  Flutter for web app development due to individualised features?

Well, the flutter is still popular among the developer community. Many developers recommend app owners to use Flutter. Now the question that arises is, is Flutter good for web development? The ultimate aim of this blog is to explore in depth and find answers to this particular question.

It’s too early to make a decision. simply read out to find more:

 Evolving cross-platform Technologies- history of Flutter framework

There is robust growth in the mobile app market. The flutter is not one of its kind. it consumes time to create two separate mobile apps for Android & iOS. In order to simplify, developers come up with a framework to develop cross-platform applications. 

The app runs on multiple platforms. The first was Apache Cordova. This framework came in 2009. It facilitates the creation of hybrid web apps with web technologies. Then, Xamarin & React Native pop up. Google came up with an open-source framework, Flutter, in 2018. This is to create multi-platform applications. Some well-known flutter users are eBay and Uber. Alibaba, Toyota, and Tencent appreciate this innovative technology.

Getting started with Flutter for web development

Is Flutter good for web app development? Let’s start with the basics. Did you know that the web development flutter feature is new? Google conducted a research project. This is by the name of Hummingbird. the Google developers working on this project attempted. This is to find a way to create web apps from the same flutter code. The ones used in iOS & Android applications. This project contributes to the framework. In 2021, Google announced Flutter for the web as fully stable. And this is something ready for use in commercial projects. 

So, there is one code, a single technology, and multiple platforms. The Flutter was released in 2021. Since then, developers compile Dart code that exists in web products. And this is through the same flutter framework. The one app developer uses to create cross-platform mobile apps. and there is no need to involve another web developer.

Why choose flutter for web development?

Now the question is what are the benefits of Flutter web development? Is flutter flow good? there is a unique approach of flutter to a single code base. This is for mobile and web platforms. As it removes the need to invest in distinct development. And saves time, cost, and resources. And also ensures consistency across distinctive devices. As it imparts a seamless user experience. 

Most importantly, Google increases involvement in SDK projects. This is through systematic improvement & releases. Almost 20 releases in the year 2022. flutter overcomes several early maturity issues.

Let’s dive deep into the key development of Flutter. And reasons why businesses should use Flutter for web development:

Mobile and web development at the same time

The flutter is going to flow for businesses. the ones looking to develop apps for web and mobile simultaneously. there is a single code base. And businesses can use it to develop apps for varied platforms. This saves time, and money and also reduces stress. This is to create two apps altogether.

Deliver top-notch user experiences

flutter for web development facilitates the creation of flexible & impressive UI. So, there is availability of an array of widgets. As it facilitates developers to create stunning user interfaces for everyone. Also, the flutter flow is good with native capabilities. This facilitates the high performance of web applications with a seamless user experience.

Flutter for web decreases development cost

The flutter for web development is good. As it involves apps. and this is to create a single code base. And within a single team technologically connected. And with one pace. So, clients can develop their applications using Flutter. And they don’t have to look for vendors of distinct technologies. Also, can synchronise the work. So, of course, cost of flutter app development is low.

 However, this does not entail that cross-platform application development is the same as native. As this is a bit more complicated. The developer has to deliver the same functionality for cross-platform.

Convenience scaling & cost-efficient Idea verification

There is cost and time efficiency. All this makes Flutter an excellent choice for POC. And also for product idea verification. So, develop the fully operational app. And conveniently released to app stores. And also distributed through the web. After the potential success, consider scaling your mobile and web applications. For example to extend cross-platform mobile apps to native ones.

Spectacular app-centric experiences

The flutter is good for web development. It is due to the embedded interactive experiences. It is a UI framework. Flutter provides app-centric services for websites. And thus, flutter flow is good for progressive web apps. Also, for single page Apps. and to enhance existing Flutter mobile apps.

Challenges encountered in Flutter web development

Maturity and ecosystem

The flutter for the web is new. And relatively evolving. And this means there is an ecosystem of libraries and packages. And it is limited to establishing web frameworks. Also, it restricts functionalities. And need workarounds.

Web-specific features

not all native flutter functionalities translate to the web. So, features of SEO, progressive web apps as well as server-side rendering need additional efforts. Or external libraries. The solution is to use libraries, for example url_ launcher, to handle deep links. And also a universal_ platform for its detection. make sure to thoroughly research. And also implement necessary workouts. Or external plugins.

Browser compatibility

The flutter is a relatively new technology. So, if you want to find what is good for web development & what are the limitations. The answer is Flutter for Web may face compatibility issues. And this is with older versions. Or some specific devices. So, it may lead to unexpected behaviour. And may hinder user experiences. So, make sure to rigorously test the web apps. And this is across several browsers & devices. And to identify as well as address compatibility issues.

Debugging and testing

The debugging of the Flutter web app is more challenging. And this is in comparison to the mobile counterparts. The Flutter built-in debugging tools might not translate to the web environment completely. And this makes it change to pinpoint. And also to fix issues. What is the solution? The answer is that developers familiarise themselves with web-specific debugging techniques. And utilise browser developer tools. 

So, carry out thorough testing. And this is across different browsers. And also across different devices to catch and resolve bugs. And all this is before deployment.

How do you build web applications using Flutter?

Can I use Flutter for my project? Is Flutter good for web development? The Flutter Framework is perfect for projects which are time-constrained. And lead to completion within a tight budget. So if you wonder if Flutter is good for web app development? then the answer is yes. Especially if the priority is design aesthetics. And seamless UX in case you wonder how to develop a flutter web application.

Here are the steps to create a web app using Flutter successfully:

Carry market research

This is the first step to consider flutter for web development. carry in-depth market research. As it gives valuable insights about competitors. And also the current market situation.

Determine target audience

Before you consider Flutter web app development, know the target audience. you can decide on the list of features. And this is for a minimal viable product(MVP). Do you intend to know what the audience wants? if yes then focus on what matters. And also put unnecessary features into the bin. make sure to take suggestions and also opinions from users. And align objectives with user demands.

Choose an intuitive UI/UX design

Do you intend to know the first thing that attracts users to web apps? It is the way the app looks. And interacts with the same. you should have user-friendly and easy-to-use app features. This makes it attractive to the users. The flutter allows you to create UI/UX design. This framework provides a colour palette selection. And also eye-catching animations. And all this imparts users with impressive visual experience.

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The answer to the question,” Is flutter good for web development” is a nuisance. The flutter offers a unique proposition. And this is in the form of a single code base for web development. Also, there is a beautiful UI design. And quick code changes with hot reload. However, there are limitations to flutter development. As it comprises Cuba libraries. and also potential performance hiccups exist. So, choosing whether flutter is good for web app development or not, depends upon the nature of the project. It is an excellent choice for web applications like PWAs, SPAs. Or once that needs a unique UI design. 

And what about complex large-scale web applications? Or once that requires advanced browsing capabilities? For those, you need to consider other platforms. Remember choosing Flutter or another platform is just part of the work. And another crucial part is to choose a skilled team of flutter developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What makes flutter Framework different from other ones?

The flutter is different from other web development frameworks. The reason is that it does not rely on web browser technology for drawing widgets. And it is not like conventional frameworks. Flutter supports code reusability. And this is between various platforms. So, this ultimately saves time as well as effort.

Is Flutter flow good for web development & how much does it cost?

The Flutter web app development cost varies between $ 30,000-$200000 or even more. And this depends upon the app’s complexity. And also on features, resources, and other considerable factors.

How can I deploy the flutter web application?

You can deploy the flutter web application through the Flutter build web command. Also, it is possible to host the generated web assets on a web server. Or deploy everything to the hosting service. For example; Firebase, and GitHub Pages. And this is with other web hosting platforms.

How much time does it take to create a flutter web application?

Well, this depends on the complexity level of the app. And also integrated features. The Flutter web development timeline is between 3-18 months. So, flutter is a good flow for small-size applications with basic features. And take anywhere between 3-6 months. And for complex feature-rich apps, it takes 6-18 months.

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