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Comprehensive Guide For Best Local Database For Flutter In Year 2024

  • Post published:21 December 2023

The Flutter is undeniably one of the most popular and sought-after mobile app development frameworks. It is extremely well known for its high-end flexibility as well as convenient usage. However, picking up the most appropriate local database for Flutter application can be quite a cumbersome task. There are many distinctive types of the data basis available. Everyone has their own set of strengths as well as weaknesses. The data for any type of web application is a very crucial component. Just like any mobile app development framework, flutter also requires an extremely strong database for managing millions of records along with regular data alteration for operating in real-time efficiently and seamlessly.

Well, there is always a time when the app developer thinks about the storage as well as the utilization of the data while considering the lifespan of any type of mobile app being developed.

Overview about database

As far as the database is concerned, it is considered as the collection of data that is being stored within the system. The professionals will be using the database for the storage of information as well as the maintenance of records within their systems. So crucial data is required to be stored by the systems within the database which can later be searched. Apart from the database technology, there has always been a transformation in several distinctive databases with time. It is dependent upon how the database is developed and each one has its advantages as well as weaknesses. 

Any type of organization needs to know about the various types of databases available to ensure the most appropriate configuration. In this blog, let’s explore the right local database for Flutter-based applications. This information will cover several of the factors for consideration while looking forward to switching to the database which includes performance, scalability as well as convenience of utilization.

How to find best local database for Flutter?

Let’s have a look at some of the crucial considerations and factors while seeking the right flutter local database mobile application:


This factor pertains to the speed of the database. So if you are creating a real-time mobile app, then you will require a database that can handle a high volume of concurrent traffic.


It takes into account the strength of the database for handling growth. So if you suspect that your mobile app can have a high volume of users, then you will be required in the database which is capable of scaling up to meet the growing demand.

Convenience of usage

How convenient it is to use the database? This is another factor, and if you are not a database specialist, then you will look for a database that can be learned and utilized conveniently.

Mobile application requirements

This varies from app to app basis. Certain databases are well-suited for specific applications in comparison to the others. For instance, the Firebase database is quite a lucrative choice for applications that require real-time data synchronization.


This is also another crucial factor as certain local database for flutter are more costly in comparison to others. So if you have a stringent budget, then definitely you will be looking forward to a free or open-source database for example SQ Lite or Hive.

Top trending & best databases for your Flutter framework

After the consideration of the above-mentioned factors, let’s have a look at some of the trending and best databases for your Flutter framework


This is one of the robust SQfLite implementations that is meant for the Flutter framework. The striking thing about this database is it provides complete control over it. So the users can have complete control over their queries, and relationships along with all incorporated elements of the database operation by using this one. Owing to its lightweight feature, SQfLite is quite appropriate for small, and medium-sized mobile applications which are not need complex querying or there is a need of massive volume data storage.


This is another easy to use, reactive as well as persistent library for flutter applications. Earlier it was called as Moor. It can be utilized for the creation of database tables while taking the benefit of cutting edge SQfLite capabilities. It has a robust SQL parser, and analyzer and facilitates the user to create typesafe APIs for SQL queries. Later it is possible to check the queries for their accuracy during built time. This is going to alert the users of any kind of potential mistake and create effective code mapping.


This is serving as a Baas, backend as a service app development framework that provides cloud-hosted back-end solutions, for example, realtime databases, and cloud storage, along with crash reporting, machine learning, authentication, as well as remote configuration. This is meant for the static database files that are spreading across many distinctive devices rather than their storage across the single user device.


The Hive is specifically meant for all those users who require a straightforward database for saving data on their smartphones. Under the condition that the user does not require the synchronization which is extended by the Firebase, and if you want something capable of working anywhere, then Hive can be the most appropriate database for all your mobile applications.

Cloud Fire Store

The Cloud Fire Store presented by Google as well is acting as another NoSQL database. It provides seamless scalability as well as flexible querying. The Cloud Fire Store is capable of handling extensive data sets and it is most appropriate for applications which are demanding dynamic data syncing along with offline capabilities.

Objective box

This is the other incredibly quick database for locally storing items. Like other types of programs,  the Objective box incorporates some of the specific beneficial characteristics. This includes scalability, statistically typed coding, cross platform compatibility as well as memory efficiency.

How to choose the best database for flutter application?

Picking up the right flutter best local database application will be dependent upon its seamless performance, scalability as well as data management. Database/ Cloud Fire Store could serve as an excellent choice owing to its real-time synchronization, offline support as well as ease of integration. Contrary to that, if your mobile application specifically requires complex querying as well as relational data, then SQLite might be the appropriate choice for you. So make sure to weigh the specific mobile application needs, mobile app developer expertise, and the plan for specifically taking the informed decision in order to impart an extraordinary user experience with your mobile application.


Choosing the most appropriate local database for flutter-based application will be dependent upon the nature of your unique project. There are many factors to be taken into consideration while taking the right decision. This will include the data requirements, real time synchronization requirements, offline capabilities as well as overall security. Also, factors like the type of data whether relational or non relational will be taken into consideration during the decision-making. The SQflite, Drift, and Floor are good choices for flutter-based applications for the purpose of relational data basis. For example, the database operations as well as the relationships could be completely controlled through  SQflite. 

By utilizing the Dart database table definitions as well as imparting users the type-safe SQL query API, Drift makes it convenient to use SQLite. Another database floor delivers the automatic mapping between SQL databases as well as in-memory objects and this kind of persistent framework can be quite a popular choice.

So it is important to consider your own unique project needs, which will include the data structure, usability, requirements of synchronization as well as the platform support, and for this purpose, you can take the help of the Flutter developers. Pick up the solution that simply fits all the objectives of your unique project by carefully weighing the features of each one and creating the most successful Flutter application with the local database for Flutter of your choice!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

  • Is it possible to utilize multiple data bases for my Flutter application? 

Yes, you can use several of the databases in your Flutter application. This will depend upon the unique requirements. For example, you can apply SQLite for the local data storage as well as the firebase real-time database for real-time updates. 

Which database is convenient for setting up for Flutter? 

The easiest database to set up is SQLite. This is something that is associated with the bundled along with the Flutter and it does not need any additional configuration. 

  • Is your cloud fire Store better in comparison to the fire-based real-time database? 

Well, everything depends upon the unique requirements of the application. Like for example if you need greater flexible querying as well as offline capabilities, then in such a case  Cloud Firestore could be a better choice. However, there can be the choice of the firebase real-time database as it is excellence in real-time synchronization. 

  • Is there a possibility for Hive to support data encryption? 

Yes, Hive will be supporting the data encryption. This will be ensuring to provide the safe and Secure provision for sensitive data storage. 

  • Is it possible to use CouchDB having Flutter? 

Yes, there is a possibility of utilizing CouchDB having the flutter. The CouchDB is based on the NoSQL database which will be utilizing the JSON for the storage of the data. It will be extending the flexible and most scalable solution for the storage of data as well as synchronization.