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How Much Does It Costs To Hire React Native Developer In Year 2023-24?

  • Post published:21 December 2023

According to the statistics report, React native in today’s time has acquired the second position among the most widely recognized cross-platform frameworks in the world. Today it is utilized by the developers globally for carrying out their mobile app development procedure. One of the most crucial reasons for the popularity of this framework among developers and businesses all over the world is its code reusability that’s why individuals hire react native developers.

 So through the utilization of this framework, there is the elimination of the requirement to write distinctive codes every once and now and it can be shared up to the extent of around 90% between Android as well as iOS platforms in a seamless way. Pertaining to this, the React native framework can also speed up the whole of the mobile app development procedure, giving users the capability to launch their mobile application quickly into the market.

How much it cost to hire react native developer?

Well, the average cost to hire react native developer will depend upon many factors. And this is not at all limited to the features like the complexity of the mobile app, its design, location as well as the overall expertise of the developer.

What all factors can impact the cost of hire React native developer?

Let’s have a look at the factors that can have a huge impact on the overall cost of hiring a react native developer:

Let’s talk about each of the contributory factors that can determine the cost of hiring a React native developer for your unique dream app development project:

Mobile application category

There are distinctive types of mobile applications that can be built through reacting native. This includes the creation of new apps along with utility, on-demand applications, chat as Lifestyle apps, and others. Since every type of mobile application has some different requirements along with the set of the features & thus, the ultimate react native mobile app development cost can vary depending upon the category of the application.

Mobile app complexity

This is another feature that has a strong influence on the overall cost of hiring of React native developer. On average, it can take from around one week to as long as 6 months & even more time for the completion of the end-to-end and comprehensive mobile app development project. For example, if you require developing MVP, or just a simple app, then the charges of the developer will be quite less in comparison to the complex products which entail several of the integrative features and updates.

Mobile application design


This is also, one of the major contributory factors as in the customer-driven world of today well sophistically designed mobile app is a key to differentiating yourself and standing apart in the market. So the overall cost of the mobile app design will rely upon the number of the screens that application needs. So under the condition the majority of your mobile application screen has a complicated UI design, then you are required to pay more.

However, the best thing about react native is that since it is a cross-platform mobile app development framework, and thus, the developer is just required to design a single application and it can be targeted for each and every type of distinctive platform. So there will be a reduction in the overall cost to design react native-based applications to a much greater extent in comparison to other native mobile apps.

Overall react native developer experience & expertise

The overall experience level and how much expertise the react native expert developer has will also determine the total cost of their hiring. Typically the experienced React native developer will be charging more as they have immense technical knowledge along with proven and extensive experience of accomplishing live projects.

Developer Location

The location also determines the hourly rate. For example, if you choose to hire an expert react native developer from locations like USA, UK, or Australia, then you need to pay more. So whenever it comes to reducing the developmental cost, it is best to hire React native developer from India as it is one of the favorite hubs for many clients all across the globe.

Countries                           Cost / Hour                           

India                                    $18-$40/hour

Russia                                 $25-$45/ hour

South America                 $30-$50/ hour

Australia                            $60-$95/ hour

North America                 $100-$150/ hour

Obviously the labour cost in India is lesser in comparison to other outsourcing destinations of the world. Also, India has a talented pool of expert React native developers and programmers. So you will be able to find the perfect fusion of both the quality as well as the cost while outsourcing react native development service from this country!

Factors effecting cost to hire React native developer

Cost based on the experience level of the react native developer

The experience is playing a very crucial role in the software development Industry and this is the reason the companies are willing to pay more to the developers who have experience. It is due to the reason that they can bring there extensive scale and knowledge to the table. So if you already know the level of expertise that you require for developing your mobile app, then you need to select the right React native developer and also know the rate that is charged by the professional on an hourly basis.

There are three distinctive types of react native development professionals based on their skill set & expertise, and this can be divided into three levels: Junior level, mid and senior-level development professionals

Junior level

These are the react native developers who are well aware of the fundamentals of components, libraries as well as APIs. Also, clients can expect that they can develop the apps with basic functionalities but they have less knowledge with regard to debugging as well as testing. Due to the lack of extended experience and knowledge, these junior-level professionals are not able to handle complex app development scenarios. Typically they will have the salaries in between $69000- $101985.

Middle-level developers

The middle level developers have extensive experience, as they are working in the industry for quite a long while. So the middle-level developer can be hired to create the mobile app with a focus on performance, optimization along database storage. They will be able to create the application which specific features and also deal with data storage as well as the caching issues along with integration of third party solutions. The average salary of the mid-level professional will be anywhere between $117,277 – $122,136.

Senior level developer

This is a senior position and the developers can be hired and completely relied upon. In fact they can also handle a team of mid and junior-level developers. This is typically helpful when you want to develop an enterprise-level app and there is a need to work on native libraries, and frameworks, creating CI/CD pipelines, or utilizing the native development process. So in such a situation, you can hire a senior level developer who will have a salary in between the range of $127,861 – $157,300.

Cost of hire React native developer based on geographical location

The cost to hire  React native developer will also be dependent upon the geographical location. So you can hire skilled and talented professionals from all over the world. However, choosing the geographical location is critical to hiring the React native developer based on your estimated project budget and also where you are residing. 

You will be able to find skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced react native development experts from the US, Europe, and Asia. However, you will be paying around 10 times the cost for the React native developer from North America in comparison to the Asian professionals. Let’s have a look at the breakdown of the hourly rate charged by developers all across the geographical location.

The highest-paid React native developer exists in the United States and this is followed by Canada and Europe. The high cost charged in the United States is due to the reason that this country is a globalized technology hub and it has world-class level professionals.

Country  Cost

      • USA – $52-80

      • Canada- $39-93

      • Germany- $30-38

      • France- $21-23

      • Ukraine- $14-33

      • Singapore- $28-31

      • Malaysia- $7-8

      • Philippines – $4-5

      • India- $5-11

    Hiring react native development freelancers or remote professionals from companies

    Hiring freelancers or remote professionals?

    This is another option when you are not deciding to deploy the in-house expert then you can look forward to hire  react native developers freelancer from a company.

    Hiring freelancers

    This is a very common practice that is followed by businesses however it is meant for simple projects. There are many freelancer platforms. The most common are Upwork and Fiverr and you can hire react native developers there. The freelancer charge is quite reasonable and they can be very helpful for projects that need minor alterations. However, the drawback of hiring a freelancer is that you are required to manage everything. Plus there is no guarantee that on-time completion of the project will be there and it will be of good quality. And there can be differences in the time zones of clients and freelancers.

    Hiring a remote react native developer from an outsourcing IT  company

    This is another provision and depends upon the nature of your unique project. There are IT outsourcing companies that can help you to deploy either a single expert or a team of expert react native developers. For end-to-end development, it is quite cost cost-effective solution. Plus there is a possibility of scaling up and down based on your unique demands. The vendor is going to handle everything on your behalf of and also they provide you with flexible engagement models for hiring professionals. However the downside of hiring a remote react native developer can be differences in the time zones as well as language barriers.

    Bottom line

    The dedicated and expert remote react native developer serves as an extraordinary option for long-term work projects. It is due to the reason that remote professionals can be hired through the software company and it will be managing end-to-end development procedure. Apart from providing you with an expert React native developer, the IT company will also provide you with a dedicated remote project manager. And thus, it makes sense to hire a remote React native developer for your long-term project.

    So, whenever you require an end-to-end development process that includes board testing as well as maintenance, then by hiring an IT Outsourcing company, everything will be managed at one plate form and you no longer have to look for other sources. Also, you will be gaining the chance to work with the subject matter experts which will include the designer, developers as well as testers, everything under a single roof.

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     Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    • Can I develop native Android and iOS applications using react native?

    Yes! There is a possibility of building the native Android as well as the iOS applications by the use of React Native. This is the cross-platform that facilitates the developers to create a native mobile experience for both Android as well as iOS through the utilization of a similar source code.

    • How fast is the process of developing mobile apps using react native?

    React Native is quite a quicker option for developing the mobile application. It provides many different types of open-source libraries with the in built components for speeding up the overall development procedure.

    • Can I utilize  React Native for creating web applications?

    Yes, you will be able to utilize the React Native for the creation of the web applications. However, React Native is primarily developed for the creation of mobile applications.

    • Do I need to know about Swift/ Java to create the application using react native?

    No there is no need for you to know about Swift or Java for the creation of the application by using React Native. The React native will be facilitating you for creating the application through the utilization of JavaScript and React.

    • Can I utilize react native for building games?

    Yes, you will be able to utilize react native for building games through the utilization of third-party libraries for example React Native Game Engine/ Expo Pixi.