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Top 10 Digital Marketing Case Studies Every Marketer Should Know

  • Post published:22 May 2024

Are you searching for the most appropriate digital marketing agency?  Well, this is something which is not easy at all! However, digital marketing case studies showcased by the companies on their website will provide you with the most invaluable insight for businesses who are searching to hire a top-notch marketing agency.

 The digital marketing case study will provide you with a better picture of what companies are capable of doing. However, it will also help you gain a better understanding of the influence of the specific strategies as well as the campaigns that the online marketers are using as well. In the competitive digital space of today, online marketing will be engaging customers to drive business growth. 

That being said, through the adoption of the most appropriate targeted marketing strategies, businesses will be able to accomplish their unique goals, while making the most out of their return on investment(ROI).

Online marketing is undeniably an evolving field and thus, businesses are required to stay updated with all the latest trends for reaching the target consumers. In this blog post, let’s try to have a look at some of the digital marketing case studies to find out what tactics and strategies are working right now. Whether you are searching to improve your presence in the digital space or you have just started marketing for your business, these online marketing case studies will provide you with some of the most valuable insights.

 In this blog post, let’s try to uncover the Top 10 digital marketing case studies in order to dive deeper into the practical and real-world scenarios, while walking through the examples of successes, challenges being encountered, and boosts in the ROI, experienced by the businesses.

 So, simply dive deep in and try to learn about the best marketing case studies in order to get the maximum out of the same.

1.  MakeMyTrip #campaign digital marketing case study

MakeMyTrip is a very well-known travel agency, which is famous on different social media channels. Even the students are follow this travel brand come up with the most innovative campaigns, striking deals at the time of holidays. The company comes up with a very popular# Dil Hai Hindustani campaign depicting the freedom fighters of the country. The people started participating by picking up their favorite freedom fighters in their blogs. This led to their chance of winning the prices and it has become one of the striking social media case studies.

2.  Digital marketing case study of the IPL team

The Indian Premier League club has also not been able to avoid the digital world of today’s time. The Kolkata Knight Riders, serve as a 20-20 Cricket franchise representing the Kolkata state in the Indian Premier League. To increase the interaction with the fans, there is a launch of the Inside KKR a blog in the form of a video dedicated to supporting the KKR. 

This depicts the example of the social media marketing case study, and the fans are in a position to readily gain access to the news as well as their favorite players. Also the same time, KKR players are holding the Twitter charts with the supporters, while running the unique, “cheer for KKR” campaign.

3.  Digital marketing campaign by Transferkar family- Tata Sky

This was a promotion targeted towards the families. The goal of the campaign is to promote Tata Sky’s Tata Sky & Transfer product/ service. This acted as an innovative tool for the transmission of recorded video from the television to the mobile device/ tablet/ computer. So whenever it comes to the channels, everyone in the household has their taste.

 However, for some reason, not everyone will be watching their favorite show at the same time. This proves to be a great hit, while at the same time being viral on social media and as a part of television advertising. This is an extraordinary example of the social media marketing case study that let the company gain a grasp of targeted marketing.

4.  Nivea India digital marketing case study by Mom’s Touch

This is a campaign that was developed by Nivea India brand on the Mother’s Day to honor all the amazing as well as selfless moms. The Mom’s Touch campaign advertising will include some of the incredible, as well as altruistic tales of moms from all over the country. This campaign acted as a social effort to help out the mothers who are facing challenges in their daily lives.

The mother’s fight to face the overwhelming obstacles never stops to secure the future of their kids. This campaign was published on the social media channel, urging the public to share the efforts of their mothers. This is an extraordinary example of the e-commerce social media marketing case study which was indeed highly successful in India.

5.  FloatBoat Digital Campaign by Paper Boat- noteworthy marketing case study

The Paper Boat is an extremely famous Indian brand selling traditional beverages. Today the beverages it supplies have become quite popular among Indian households. The objective of this company is to take the people back to the memories of their childhood, floating boat this monsoon. 

The Paper Boat brand is urging people to make the boat as they were doing in their childhood while posting it on social media with the hashtag # FloatABoat while following them on the social media websites. By the mid of July,230+ boats were posted on this website. This brand is also having the accessibility in 20,000 retail locations globally and has been proven to be one of the social media case studies being extensively researched.

6.  Design your own bucket By KFC- another marketing case study to review

Social media is another medium whenever it comes to boosting the visibility of the products online and increasing sales within the country. This same digital marketing strategy is adopted by KFC, a famous and global food brand. The company utilizes mobile applications to target the young generation through promotional campaigns like Design Your Own Bucket, Currycature, Radio KFC RK Hunt, and much more. Such efforts are helping people raise brand recognition as well as enhancing engagement. 

This creative social media campaign promoted the products of the brand on the house radio channel and the fans used their Facebook application for recording the voices as well as uploading the images. Approximately 17000 Currycatures, creation was done by the fans, imparting them a one-of-a-kind experience with this brand. Also, there were approximately 5500 registrations with competitors, showing up their colorful KFC buckets. This is among popular social media marketing case studies.

7.  Amazon India- The Great Indian Freedom Sale digital marketing case study

The e-commerce cannot be overlooked whenever it comes to the online marketing strategy. At the time of the Independence Day celebration, the E-Commerce giant Amazon India utilizes innovative marketing methods like product advertisements, and deals during time of independence day through the use of social media. This is another example of one of the marketing case studies. The campaign is acting as an extraordinary example of the digital marketing efforts of the E-Commerce industry. 

The Great Indian Freedom sale included entertainment activities while the winner of the contest will be receiving the shopping cards of Amazon India. While looking at the social media marketing case study, you can see that the company has utilized an intelligent and witty approach to increasing the audience engagement rate and brand exposure.

8.  Woh Ek Baat by digital marketing case study

This is on Valentine’s Day, the year 2019, the matrimonial company, organized a campaign known as # Woh Ek Baat in which couples online came forward for sharing their one common thing. Even many celebrity couples participated in this campaign and they also asked their fans to share their # Woh Ek Baat on the matrimonial social media handles.

 This proves to be very successful & quite often studied in social media marketing case studies. This contest had more than 500 submissions on Valentine’s Day and also 200K individuals interacted with the postings on # Woh Ek Baat.

9.  Kotak 811 campaign- #India Invited- another example of one of the popular marketing case studies

This was a campaign put forward for the promotion on social media by putting the tales, inventions as well as events highlighting the principle of inclusions, and indiscrimination as well as the appeal to every Indian to join # India Invited campaign appealing each and every Indian for joining and driving for an equitable society.

 The Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh converted the message of inclusiveness and also a leading digital agency Tonic Worldwide is amplifying the notion of the digital getting engaged with the audience online through their interesting discussions as well as innovations.

10.  Lays# Smile Deke Dekho campaign marketing case study

The Lays is a Potato Chips subsidiary of PepsiCo which initiated the # Smile Deke Dekho campaign in the year 2019. This unique selling proposal from this company is the promotion of the message of how you can connect with different people globally with just your simple smile. And you can simultaneously be able to convey all your emotions and moods effortlessly through every flavor and packet of the chips.

 This initiative was quite engaging with the help of the influencer or many different social media platforms in advertising the brand. Apart from that, the potato chips company accelerated this campaign by using social media channels like Snapchat, and Instagram asking the individual to post their smile with the packet of lies.


The digital marketing case studies mentioned above boost the confidence and the morale of the students while at the same time providing the teaching of how with the help of some simple and innovative ideas, businesses can on greater returns. And amazing thing is that this is possible with the help of the utilization of low resources as well as the effort application. 

By putting forward the most compelling digital marketing case studies, you can take the inspiration to utilize the most powerful Strategies for showcasing the products/ services and attracting your future customers. There are many different ways to put these inspirational marketing case studies into your strategy. This is ranging from featuring the website to the inclusion of everything into the sales presentation, or engaging your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • What are digital marketing case studies?

The marketing case studies serve as a comprehensive evaluation of the specific instances being employed for achieving the business goals and objectives. Such, marketing case studies are examples that focus on the real-world scenario while retailing all the challenges involved, strategies being implemented as well as the outcomes which are attained.

  • What are the sources to read social media case studies?

Just scroll up above in order to read the 10 marketing case study examples. also, there are other sources where you can find the marketing case studies like publications, both online and printed. Also, you can refer to the business schools as well as the academic journals that keep on publishing case studies on the different digital marketing strategies and business management.

  • Are there any examples of marketing case studies?

Some of the examples of the marketing case studies involve:

     1. Launching new product

    This involves the evaluation of the marketing strategy behind the introduction of the new product to the market.

    2. Promotion of brand digital marketing case study

    This involves the study of the manner the brand is successfully repositioned within the market.

    3. Social media campaigns marketing case studies

    This involves the evaluation of the campaign which is leveraging the social media channels for achieving the marketing goals.

    4. International marketing

    This involves how the brand is entering into the market successfully establishing the image in the foreign market.