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Why Voice search Optimization is considered future of SEO?

  • Post published:11 March 2024

In the rapidly transforming digital world of today, staying ahead is not a trend but a compulsion. One of the latest and most prominent trends that is reshaping the entire landscape of SEO is actually Voice Search Optimization. With the progress in technology and the introduction of smartphones and voice-enabled devices, more and more users are turning to voice searches for putting their queries on the internet. This shift in the behavior of the users is calling for the revaluation of the SEO strategies by businesses. There is a greater need for the promotion of the businesses by optimizing the website for voice searches.

 As businesses today are navigating through the transformative landscape, it has become more crucial than ever before to recognize the importance of voice search Optimization. As it is no longer a fad anymore but a trend that is going to last. Conducting the voice search optimization of the content by the digital marketer is serving as a strategic investment for future-proofing the digital presence of the business. So, through the accommodation of voice searches, the business is not only catering to the current user preferences but at the same time aligning to the trajectory of the evolution of the technological space. 

In this blog post, let’s take a deep dig into the concept of voice search Optimization, understanding the link between voice search SEO and what steps can be taken to unveil opportunities for aligning with the changing needs of the audience and developing the online visibility & increasing user engagement:

What is voice search ?

There is an estimate that by the end of the year 2025, around 153 million individual in the United States alone will be communicating through their voice assistance. So whether it is about asking the weather updates from Alexa or putting queries for restaurant recommendations on Siri, voice searches are definitely going to reshape how people interact in the digital world. Let’s find out the ins as well as the outs of voice search Optimization why it is going to stay for long and what are the ways to integrate voice search and SEO as a part of your digital strategy. 

Looking at what is voice search you need to imagine that you are asking a question from your voice assistant for the best recipe of cake. And this means you are not typing your query. But instead of that you are talking. And here voice search SEO comes into play. Thus, it is all about tweaking the content, and voice search Optimization will ensure that the content is not simply visible but at the same time prioritized by the voice assistants.

What is Voice Search Optimization & its importance?

Over the past few years, voice searches have already experienced quite a rapidly growing trend in popularity. It is all due to the increasing prevalence of virtual assistants. Owing to the convenience and ease of simply asking a question or giving a command verbally, there is no wonder at all that more and more individuals are today utilizing voice searches in their day-to-day activities. It is this shift in search behavior that has already sparked a completely new era in the world of Search Engine Optimization also called as Voice Search Optimization.

So, let’s try to find out what is voice search optimization & its relevance:

With the launch of voice searches by Google in the year 2011, it has already come a long way. Today there are several of technology giants that are already coming up with a voice-activated system. Put in simpler words, voice search is acting as a technology that formats the user for searching the voice commands. 

The voice SEO optimizes the keywords as well as the phrases for searches through the utilization of voice assistance. Thus, voice SEO is actually required for the sites to appear within the searches that are controlled through voice assistants. The voice search Optimization is developed for optimizing the searches when the individuals will be running the verbal searches. So it facilitates them to read the webpage whenever their query which is related to the page.

Voice search optimization benefits

here are some of the benefits of adopting voice searches and integrating the voice search SEO in the digital marketing strategy by businesses:

  • Quick responsiveness to queries

Typing is quite a tedious task. So the response is fast and prompt as voice searches are speeding up the entire process of search. The voice search SEO feature is making the process easier as well as laying out the results faster.

  • Hands off facility

As there is no need for you to pick up any device for carrying searching, so there is a touchless facility that will allow you to search even under the conditions when you are on the go/ or you are driving. So this is going to leave the hands free for multitasking.

  • Multilingual approach

It is quite unbelievable to know that in today’s time, the Google assistant is capable of understanding 30 of the major languages. Due to the multilingual approach, it is going to break the barrier off voice search Optimization in digital marketing.

  • Accessibility

The voice search is a boon for people who are senior citizens or people having disabilities like shaky hands & who are finding difficulty to search through typing. So, addition of the voice search SEO within the digital marketing strategy will make the business more accessible to a wider audience.

  • Driving traffic

Owing to voice search Optimization, the website of a business will be exposed to a greater number of clients thereby driving greater traffic in comparison to the past.

  • How voice search SEO is actually working?

The voice search is a bit complicated procedure. However, through the basic understanding, the businesses will be assisted with the proper voice search optimization of their content. So each and every time whenever voice search inquiry is being carried out, there are some of the basic steps that the voice search assistant will follow as underlined:

  • Noise filtration

This step will ensure that all the background noises are distinct and the ultimate focus is upon the voice query.

  • Digitization of voice query

This step will transform the sound waves into digital data.

  • Voice analysis

Then there will be processing of the digital data and carrying out of the voice analysis.

  • Connection to external sources

This is the next step where the voice search assistant will be connecting to external sources for example the Google search in order to deliver the most relevant answers after the translation of the information.

  • Recognition of patterns

The procedure involves the identification of the pattern as well as comparing the query with the existing sample within the prevailing database.

How to optimize website content for voice searches?

Owing to the growing impact as well as the importance of voice searches in the digital landscape of today, it has become more crucial than ever before to optimize the website for voice searches in order to reach a wider group of audience and improve the overall search visibility. 

Now we are completely understanding the relevance of voice search optimization, let’s take a deeper dig into the strategies as well as the techniques for optimizing the website for voice or success in the year 2024 & afterward:

Focusing on long-tail keywords

The long tail keywords are quite specific and tend to align with the voice search queries. So instead of targeting the extensive terms like best restaurants, there can be phrases for example the best Chinese restaurants near me or where I can find the Chinese restaurant in my area.

Use of natural language phrases

Make sure to optimize the content to match how people are communicating. You can incorporate the natural language phrases and questions while devising your voice search SEO strategy. This is going to assist the content to become more relevant as well as authoritative within the voice search results.

Consideration of user intent

While carrying out voice search marketing, make sure to understand the clear intent of the voice searches that are made by the users. Make sure to understand the intent which is distinct from the voice search queries as well as craft the content directly addressing all the intent.

Implementation of structured data

Structured data will assist content on your website in a much better way. Through the implementation of the structured data markup, you will be able to increase the chance of the content that is featured as a rich snippet within the voice search results.

Optimize content for local searches

It has been found that the voice searches are more local based. So ensure that the website is optimized for local searches. This will include the local-specific keywords as well as the creation of the location-specific landing pages. This is going to enhance the chance of appearing within the voice search results for the purpose of local queries.

Improving page load speed

All the voice assistants will be prioritizing the websites that are loading in a quick manner. So, make sure to optimize the performance of the website through the compression of the images, minifying CSS, and JavaScript files as well as the use of the catching techniques.

Use of Schema markup

The schema markup will assist the search engine in better understanding the context of the website content. So there should be implementation of markup sending additional information about the site for example business hours, reviews as well as product details. This is going to enhance the likelihood of the website that is appearing in voice search results.

Ensuring mobile friendliness

The voice searches are quite often performed on mobile devices. So you need to ensure that the website is mobile friendly and delivers the most seamless user experience across many of the different devices. This is going to improve the visibility of the website in voice search results.


The future of voice search and SEO seems to be incredibly promising. As this technology is continuously advancing, there will be future algorithms that are likely to become more sophisticated in terms of understanding the intent, context as well as the natural language processing of the users. And this means that businesses are required to stay ahead by keeping themselves updated with all the latest advancements in voice search optimization and adapting their voice search and SEO strategy accordingly. 

As the whole world has become increasingly reliant on voice assistants as well as voice search technology, businesses must be capable of embracing these advancements & AI for the most effective voice search optimization. 

The future of Search Engine Optimization is definitely relying upon the integration of voice search & SEO. And the businesses that are going to embrace this everlasting trend will definitely be able to reap the benefits of improved search visibility as well as user engagement.

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Frequently asked questions( FAQs)

  • How voice search Optimization is highly relevant for businesses today?

The voice search optimization strategy keeps the business visible and relevant to the customer’s digital landscape. As customers today are embracing voice-activated searches, voice search optimization will be improving the digital reach of the business within the local market. and Thus, it should be an integral component of the Voice Search marketing strategy of any business.

  • What is the future outlook for voice search in SEO in 2024 & beyond?

The future of voice search and SEO will involve the continued advancement within natural language processing and further integration of the voice assistants within the daily tasks along with the ongoing optimization of the site for meeting the ever-evolving requirements of voice search users.

  •  What are some of the tips for creation of the optimized content for voice searches?

The content on your website should be able to provide the most conscience and direct answers to some of the common queries or questions asked by the users. At the same time, you should implement the structured data markup to increase the chances of content being featured as a rich snippet & optimizing for local searches through the inclusion of location-specific keywords.

  • What is the approach adopted by App Tag Solutions for carrying out voice search Optimization?

Our team of experts is in the strategic mix of natural language integration, local SEO strategy as well as mobile-centric solutions for ensuring that your business is not only heard but also predominantly featured within the voice search results.