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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In Year 2024

  • Post published:21 March 2024

The mobile application development Industry is evolving at a faster pace. Owing to technological advancements, changing consumer demand and an array of other factors are having a direct impact on all the latest mobile app development trends. Owing to the ever-increasing advent and penetration of smartphones in the lives of everyone and the faster internet speed,  people are using mobile technology for almost everything ranging from shopping, education, playing games, watching television through OTT platforms  & much more. So, undeniably smartphones have become the extension of the lifestyle of everyone. Due to which, the businesses in today’s time scrambling to woo their consumers through mobile apps.

 The businesses globally are leveraging upon mobile app development services for building extremely engaging as well as most exclusive applications for reaching a wider audience base. Also, there is a continuous evolution in the utilization as well as distinct types of mobile applications launched every day owing to the ever-transforming usages by the consumers and the requirements resulting in innovative ideas and new mobile application trends. It has become very crucial to stay updated with the latest mobile application trends. 

In fact it has become one of the most eminent aspects of achieving success in the digital space. There is a prediction that the year 2024 will be counted among the years of new innovations as well as the advent of many striking app development trends. The advent of the blockchain for securing payments, augmented reality for learning in a fun way, and on-demand mobile applications for delivering pharmaceutical products to home, there is so much that can be achieved with a slew of the latest developments and new trends in the iOS and Android app development. 

According to the Research report by the agency Statistica, the total of revenue which has been collected from the mobile application is expected to grow at the rate of more than 9% from the year 2022 to 2026, having a projected market valuation of around $ 614.40 by the end of the year 2026. Thus, it has become more crucial than ever before for the sellers of mobile applications to stay abreast with all the new innovations and latest trends in order to serve their customers in a much better way.

Along with that, the same thing is actually going with the content creators as well as the producers who are ready to take their brand to a new level of success by adhering to the latest mobile application trends. Are you prepared to take up the mobile app development challenges in the coming year? if yes then, keep reading this blog which will provide you the fact-based research about the top mobile app development trends that are going to dominate the world in year 2024:

In this blog post, let’s take into dig into the top 10 mobile app development trends that are definitely going to transform the landscape of the world of mobile application in the year 2024:

A sneak peek into mobile application development technology & its importance

The mobile application development technology refers to many different frameworks for example React Native, Angular JS, Laravel, and many others, along with the latest tools, components as well as libraries that are utilized for the creation of mobile apps. Today for businesses, it is something that is a must to have in order to reach to a wider audience group and to make a great fortune in the digital and tech-savvy market of today.

The rising app development trends will be assisting out businesses to reach greater than they could be which is simply a run-of-the-mill website or by running legacy software on their desktop. The mobile application is developed through the adoption of the right technology stack, and this will assist in the improvement in ROI along with achieving a competitive edge.

Knowing about the latest mobile app development trends will assist you in designing a robust application in the best possible manner: Here is a list of the top 10 mobile app development trends that you should keep an eye on in order to take your brand to the next level:

 Blockchain Technology- Growing mobile app development trend

The blockchain technology can be visualized in the form of a digital balance sheet for carrying out all the cryptocurrency transactions in a completely transparent manner. So this is something that is playing a very eminent role in leading to electronic transactions through mobile applications in a secure manner. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital payments as well as E-wallets have already touched the peak and thus, integration of blockchain technology in mobile apps while leveraging upon their maximum functionalities is a trend that is going to fast forward in the year 2024.

Internet of Things( IOT) mobile app integration- fast forward mobile application Trend

Although the IOT is far from the latest trend, the rise in mobile penetration across the array of sectors as well as categories has created endless opportunities for the internet of things. The mobile applications are utilized for adjusting the thermostat within the household from a remote location, locking/ unlocking a household front door, or connecting to the security system of the residence. In fact, the global Internet of things market is expected to reach 318 billion dollars in 2024 and thus, the IOT app trend is definitely going to create a buzz in the coming times.

Beacon Technology- Rising mobile application Trend

The Beacon technology is undeniably serving as an extraordinary trend in the world of mobile app development. It utilizes Bluetooth as well as the low energy signals for transmitting as well as connecting the mobile devices within 100 feet range. The mobile applications utilize the beacon technology, in order to suggest the best-in-class services nearby for the consumer through the use of the device location. According to the statistical report, Beacon Technology is expected to grow at a rate of 59.8 % annually.

Foldable devices

The foldable devices are making a comeback.Mobile applications for foldable devices have witnessed an increase in the last couple of years. The year 2019 witnessed the release of several categories of foldable devices from many brands. Right now the foldable devices have remained a sliver for the overall of market. But it is expected that by the year 2024, it is going to reach more than 50 million units. So this year also will be a big year for foldables and this means that it is going to be the latest mobile app development trend in the future.

5G connectivity

When the pandemic times hit and caused people to stay confined to their homes, the fastest internet connectivity with the greater bandwidth has become more of a necessity rather than simply a luxury. Today the pandemic times have left, but still, there is a need for better connectivity and there could not be a better time for rolling the 5G connectivity than the year 2024. Due to its advantage of quicker downloads as well as the better streaming opportunity, the 5G could seriously be disrupting the landscape of mobile application development and is definitely going to be the striking of the mobile app development trends of the year.

Voice recognition- striking mobile application Trends

The voice recognition is one of the most sought-after mobile application trends to be seen out in the year 2024. As there is an ever-increasing interest among the community of mobile developers in the creation of AI-enabled voice recognition Technology embedded in mobile and web applications. Owing to the growth of virtual assistance for example Google Assistant, Siri, and other smart speaker, voice recognition has become an integral component of everyone’s life. The feature is not only benefiting the users in terms of accessibility for the differently abled individuals but also enhancing the overall experience. So the addition of this feature to smartphones can be seen as one of the leading mobile app development trends in the coming time.

 Advent of wearable devices

The technology has already been trending for the past few years and now it is witnessing upward growth. So in the year 2024, it is expected that more mobile apps will be made keeping the wearables in mind. This is just the beginning, scratching the surface of the wearables for mobile applications. The coming year is definitely going to progress in terms of the integration of the wearable with mobile applications and is a rising app development trend.

Mobile commerce- progressive mobile app development trend

It seems like all the people are leveraging mobile applications to increase their revenue. This trend has already been dominating for the past several years and it is going to attain upward growth in the foreseeable future as well.  The functionality and feature of mobile commerce will be remaining as the leading features for developers and sellers as they can showcase their offering to the consumers.

Mobile commerce will play a crucial role and will remain the advancing app trend in the coming time.

Instant app

In today’s time, instant apps are becoming one of the common mobile app development trends. Thus, future of the marketing could never been so bright before. The main advantages of instant app development are easy deployment, fewer resources required for building applications, and work amazingly for e-commerce as well as the gaming industry.


Are you looking forward to ways to boost your engagement rate for mobile apps? if yes then you will be requiring a comprehensive overall for the mobile application through the gamification strategy. It is a technique for developing applications through the incorporation of gaming components to make everything more engaging as well as interesting. So, the gamification will assist in creating applications that are more user-focused as well as engaging.

Touchless UI

The touchless UI is going to be another striking app development trend of the year 2024. It is based upon voice recognition technology and utilized for performing the usual application functions and not touch-based user behavior. The concept of the touchless UI relies on the premise that the users will be giving the command to user applications.

Chatbots- Ever-advancing mobile application trend

Undoubtedly chatbots have been around for a long. But over the years they have evolved and have already been transformed into much more advanced features. Being driven through AI Technology, chatbots are advancing and their response is becoming more and more human-like. Till now, despite the millions of apps, there were few were using chatbots. But now this is going to change in the year 2024 as the world will witness the integration of chatbots into mobile applications to a much greater extent. So it is going to penetrate the mobile app development market deeply.


Conclusion: mobile app development trends shaping up the future of mobile technology

As we move through the journey of the most compelling iOS & Android app development trends, the year 2024 is going to redefine the world of mobile applications. One abundantly clear thing is that the digital landscape at present is under a constant state of evolution and the mobile development Industry is here to stay for a long. The latest mobile application trends are not simply the buzzwords, but the building blocks of the future that are shaping up the entire industry. So whether you are an amateur app developer, business leader, or simply a tech enthusiast, everyone is a part of this dynamic and constantly evolving innovation, technological and human experience converge.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • What are some of the future mobile app development trends in the year 2024?

There will be inclusion of the Technologies like Bitcoin, beacon, artificial intelligence, 5G, wearable apps, voice and location recognition, dark mode, and several others that will remain the leading app development trends in the year 2024.

  • Will there be a rising demand for mobile app developers in the year 2024?

Definitely yes! The global mobile application marketplace is expected to rise drastically in the year 2024. There will be several buzzing app trends in the coming times. So this is likely to serve as a clear indication of an upward trajectory in the field of job opportunities for mobile app developers.

  • Why I should focus on the latest mobile application trends?

Businesses need to focus on all the latest mobile app development trends to understand the dynamics of the constantly evolving market space along with the identification of new technologies for the improvement of the user experience. So, the mobile application development trends are not only assisting businesses to stay ahead of the curve but also bringing them closer to their target audience to understand their requirements and deliver them exactly what they require.