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Laravel horizon Guide: Why Use it & How To Set It Up?

  • Post published:2 May 2024

Since the introduction of the Laravel Horizon a few years back, it has become a formidable asset within the entire ecosystem of Laravel. The reason is that this amazing tool provides the developer’s community with an extraordinary solution for the most efficient background job processing. 

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of web development, the execution of tasks in a smooth manner plays a pivotal role in the maintenance of optimal application performance. The Laravel Horizon today has already acquired the status of being an extremely dedicated tool for this particular purpose. you have to also know best Laravel development tools.

 The Horizon Laravel is not only simplifying the complete management of the background tasks. But at the same time, it is also enhancing the overall scalability which has made it quite a valuable addition for any sort of the Laravel development stack. 

Are you wondering why you should opt laravel Horizon for the unique project?  If yes, then you should know that apart from being features rich, Horizon laravel is extending the developers with most profound of the insights within the background job performance. 

In this blog post, let’s try to unravel all the core features as well as the functionalities of Laravel Horizon, focusing upon the manner in which everything can be revolutionized by the way developers are handling the background jobs while at the same time elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of all the Laravel applications. The reader’s journey while moving through the blog entails knowing about what is laravel Horizon? From how does laravel Horizon works to installation and utilization, this guide will equip all the developers to leverage this particular tool most effectively.

 In this blog post, let’s demonstrate why you should use laravel Horizon and how does it works while at the same time unlocking innumerable potentials that it has to offer.

What is laravel Horizon? Introduction

Through the announcement by Laravel, this tool is introduced in the market a few years back. The Horizon Laravel is an open-source dashboard application which is keeping track of the Laravel Redis queues. The Horizon dashboard acts as a single-page application that is constructed through the utilization of Vue.js.

 This particular tool has been developed for extending the real-time insights within the queue workloads, recent jobs, or even the failed Jobs or job retirees along with the throughput, runtime metrics as well as process counts. Thus, laravel Horizon is acting as the extraordinary code-driven setup along with the user interface dashboard for the Laravel-powered Redis Queues. It is also permitting the users for effortlessly monitor the key metrics for the queue framework for example the runtime as well as the work failures. 

A recently introduced and striking feature within the Laravel is Laravel queues. The main goal of Laravel queues is to create applications that are sleek through the stacking of the heavy tasks required to be handled as the jobs along with the dispatching of the jobs. This is when it has been asked for or the user experience has not been interrupted at all.

Why you should use laravel Horizon: its purpose?

The Horizon laravel has definitely emerged as a revolutionary tool. It is not only providing the management of the background job processing while at the same time working as a pivotal solution for the most sophisticated set of features that have been developed for enhancing scalability, streamlining performance monitoring as well as facilitating efficient error resolution.

 Here are some of the reasons why this tool is helpful and why you should use Laravel Horizon:

Optimizing scalability

The Laravel Horizon simplifies the entire of scaling procedure. This ensures that the unique application is able to seamlessly make adjustments to varying degrees of the workloads.

Real-time monitoring by Laravel Horizon

The developer will be in a position to acquire a thorough understanding of the job queue of the application. This is actually done through the real-time monitoring dashboard of Horizon. At the same time, the developer will be in a position of identifying the issues encountered promptly, monitoring the job execution while at the same time making informed decision achieving optimal performance.

Improved error handling by Laravel Horizon

With the help of this most sophisticated tool, management of the failed jobs has been transformed into an intuitive procedure. As this tool extends the user-friendly interface for retrying/categorization of failed jobs, minimizing disruptions, while at the same time contributing to the achievement of the resilient job processing framework.

How does Laravel Horizon work? Navigating through the intricacies 

Navigating through the intricacies of the background job processing within Laravel is made quite remarkably efficient within the Laravel Horizon. Customized to unique projects of different sizes, the tool will seamlessly manage as well as monitor the queues while at the same time ensuring optimal performance.

 Let’s try to find out how this tool stand out as robust solution, its consideration for background job processing & how does Laravel Horizon works:

Supervisor Process Management

efficient handling of the background processing within Laravel is done with the help of supervisor process management which is serving as its crux. It ensures the seamless execution of all the queue workers, extending the robust framework for managing procedures while at the same time maintaining the application stability.

Websocket connections by Laravel Horizon

The use of web socket connections plays a crucial role in extending real-time insights within the status of the background job processing. It is quite dynamic as well as responsive communication channels exist between the server as well as the client browsers. It enhances the monitoring experience while at the same time ensuring instant updates as well as seamless interaction.

Metrics & monitoring with  Laravel Horizon

The Laravel Horizon is capable of differentiating itself in the market through a robust system of metrics as well as monitoring. It is this integral feature that empowers the developers to have detailed insights into the performance of the job queue application, facilitating informed decision-making as well as proactive optimization.

Possibility of configuration & customization

Within the Laravel Horizon framework, there is an incorporation of the elements of configuration as well as customization. These features are serving as the pivotal asset providing the flexibility as well as intuitive setup for tailoring the tool as per the unique requirement of the project.

Scheduling of tasks & dispatching with Horizon Laravel

Towards the core functionality of the laravel Horizon is the synergy within the robust task sch-eduling as well as dispatching system. It is this integration that facilitates the developers for efficiently scheduling recurring tasks as well as dispatching the jobs to the background queue while contributing to the asynchronous as well as optimized job execution within the Laravel applications.

Step-by-step guide on How to install & setup Laravel Horizon

It has never been so easy to elevate the background job processing of your unique Laravel application with the step-by-step and convenient installation and setup of the laravel Horizon. 

Within just a few of the simpler steps, this powerful tool will enable the developer to manage as well as monitor all the task queues while at the same time elevating the performance of their Laravel-based projects.

Installation of Laravel Horizon package

For the purpose of initiating your journey to optimize the background job processing of the laravel application, the first step is the installation of the Laravel Horizon package.

composer command

carry out the starting of the installation by running the composer command within the terminal or command prompt.

composer requires laravel/horizon

Service provider registration step

After the successful installation is done, you are required to carry out the registration of the Horizon service provider within the laravel application.

Publish configuration files

The Laravel Horizon is associated with the default configuration files which will facilitate you to carry out personalization based on the requirements of the projects. Carry out the publishing of the mentioned configuration files through the use of the artisan command.

php artisan horizon: install

Configuration of Horizon dashboard

simply open up the configuration file by the name of horizon.php and then you can personalize the settings according to your unique preferences. 

It comprises of the connection detailing of redis while at the same time illustrating the right environment which is required for the laravel Horizon for operating.

Starting Horizon dashboard and workers

Make sure to start the Horizon dashboard as well as the worker procedures with the help of the artisan command. With the help of this command, there can be the launching of the Horizon dashboard. This will facilitate the developer for monitoring the job queues, viewing metrics as well as managing the background job processing.

php artisan horizon

Service provider registration

This is another step to register the Horizon service provider. It is meant to ensure that Laravel is recognizing as well as integrating the functionality of Horizon seamlessly within the developer project.

Publishing configuration files

This will allow you to customize the horizon on the basis of the unique project needs while at the same time ensuring seamless integration within the development workflow.

Configuration of Horizon dashboard

It is important to customize the dashboard of the Laravel Horizon for the purpose of optimal monitoring as well as the management of the background job processing within the Laravel application.

Starting the Horizon

with the arrival of Horizon configuration according to your unique project requirement, the next step is to initiate the horizon dashboard and worker processes. Starting of the Horizon will unleash the powerful capabilities, facilitating you to actively monitor the job queues, track metrics and manage background job processing within the Laravel application.

Evaluation of laravel Horizon dashboard

The Laravel Horizon is up as well as running and it will be helping you to evaluate the dashboard. This is helpful for real-time insights within the background job processing.

Setup of supervisor( recommended)

To achieve optimal performance as well as fault tolerant for the management of the Laravel Horizon worker processes, there is a high recommendation for carrying the setup of the supervisor. It is a robust procedure control system that ensures the ongoing monitoring as well as automatic restarting contributing to the resilience as well as stability of the Laravel application background job processing.


The Laravel Horizon is one of the most sophisticated and powerful tools for the management and monitoring of the queue system within the Laravel applications. It is capable of extending real time insights, comprehensive control, and automation while at the same time ensuring the most efficient as well as reliable background job processing. Today Horizon Laravel is one of the sought-after tools by developers especially when they are working with team members. It is due to the reason that they are capable of creating APIs that other developers can also utilize while keeping the code clean and well organized. 

With Horizon, it has also become convenient for managing user authentication through the Laravel passport/ Autho while at the same time controlling how the users will be assessing the data within your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • What is Laravel Horizon?

The Laravel Horizon is an official tool delivered by Laravel acting as the dashboard for the management, monitoring as well as scaling up of the queue workers applications. It provides real-time insights into the queues, workers, and jobs along with other relevant metrics.

  • What are some of the key features of Laravel Horizon?

Some of the key features of Laravel Horizon include:

    • Auto balancing
    • Code driven configuration
    • Dashboard and metrics
    • Queue monitoring
    • Failed job management
    • open source software
    • Notifications
  • Is there a possibility to utilize Laravel Horizon with multiple queues?

Owing to the versatile queue management feature, laravel Horizon is fully supporting multiple the queues, facilitating the developer to configure as well as manage different queue for different tasks within their specific application.

  • Is it possible to personalize the dashboard of Horizon Laravel?

Definitely yes, you can personalize the Laravel Horizon dashboard as you have complete flexibility in terms of configuration. So, simply tailor the dashboard in order to align with your unique project needs.