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Why every startup should consider to hire UI/UX designer?

  • Post published:28 December 2023

The startups have quite often limited funding along with an overwhelming of details for managing. For several of the entrepreneurs having startups, quite often the UI/UX design comes as the last detail of their priority. But in today’s time, hire UI/UX designers is not the differentiator in between a startup, or an established enterprise, but it is more like a necessity. One research study has suggested that the startups that are designed-focused are making 32% greater revenue on average in comparison to the businesses that are not making the design an eminent component of their business.

Today every type of business will soon have at least a minimum of a single UX designer as their staff member to ensure that all their products or services are rendered and their employees are working to achieve one common and very important goal: To extend the unforgettable user experience for their target audience.

Brief overview of UI/UX design

UI UX designing entails the procedure for ensuring that the products/ services of the company are quite useful, and very convenient to utilize while at the same time delighting the consumers for interacting with. It is including that each and every element of the customer experience from the manner it discovers your offerings in the first place, right through how it is delighted to interact with you or how it is supposed to be whenever you require assistance.

The term user experience design came into existence in 1986 by Don Norman. He has written a book where it was stated that the design of a thing is something which is not only speaking directly to the owner but also to all the strangers. And it is very crucial to mention here that a great UI/UX design will definitely help you to win the hearts of your customers. So you can also find out the success of your UX design based on the traffic that you will get from your website or unique application. Sometimes you will find that the UI/UX becomes more crucial in comparison to the web as well as the app development procedures.

What exactly UI/UX designer is doing?

There are several distinctive roles which are played by UX designers. This is not only dependent upon the company but also varies from project to project basis. Some of the specific roles that UX Designers are expected to fulfill include conducting user research, identifying the persona of users, defining information architecture, developing flow diagrams, and wire frames as well as the creation of prototypes. The users serve as the primary focus of the discipline of User experience. Thus, the overall requirement of the users is central to the designing procedure. It is the responsibility of the UX designers which is the main focus of the journey of the users, usability as well as functionality.

What benefits hire UI/UX designers provide?

To make your startup a success make sure to be aware of the exact requirements of the users. Any design that is aesthetically pleasing and attractive should be able to attract the audience instantly while keeping them engaged. Here are some of the reasons that are convincing enough for you to decide to hire UI/UX designers:

Keep audience engaged

Quite often people utilize the website/ app once and then they forget about the same. This is quite bad for your business as it is directly impacting its performance. In such a situation the assistance of UI/UX designers comes handy. They will be assisting you in building the flow of users, and determining how the users navigate the site or how they should navigate based on market research. So make sure to hire UI/UX designers to craft the aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use website/ application to satisfy customers and increase sales.

Data analysis

The job of hire UI/UX designers is not only to come up with a good-looking application/ website but also to design based on the requirements as well as the demand of the target audience/ industry for the delivery of appealing and attractive web solutions. They are going to analyze the data of your competitors, study all the patterns, and craft the design of the app based on this information. This will include the user’s expectations, preferences, and many other factors.

Creating brand name

The UI/UX designs are proven to make the clients, users as well as all the customers delighted as well as satisfied. A good and balanced site is in terms of several factors like design, performance along with increasing the customer satisfaction ratio for your business. Thus, it is important to invest in extremely good as well as professional designers in order to succeed with a happy clientele. Thus, an expert hire UI/UX designers is assisting in building the brand name for the startup which is enhancing the growth of the business.

Hiring on model basis

Nowadays it is not crucial to hire a UX designer from a company. As many startups are looking forward to hiring freelance UI/UX designers as this is a cheaper provision and yet they get very good results. So they can hire the designers on a monthly, weekly, and hourly basis with flexible hiring models.


Before deciding to hire UI/UX designers, make sure that you have a better scope for the website/ application growth. Thus, the UI/UX designer will be having a better vision/ scope for the startup growth. The designer should be capable of creating the best and most sophisticated design for your unique website and applications. Along with that, they should also have the scope for making the overall design much more attractive to the audiences.

Right designs

After sharing to unique needs of the application/ website, make sure to wait until the design is completed. So if you are having a startup with some products/ services then make sure that the designs are getting the perfect exposure. The right design for the application or website of the startup will assist in improving the overall User experience and getting the attention of the users.

What things to keep in mind before hiring UX designer?

In the real world, there is not even a single situation where the UX designer is not at all needed. So at the time of the interview, you are going to make the initial contact with the professional. So it would be your mistake if you assume that the candidate is the only one that you will be requiring for the preparations.

Here are some of the considerations that you need to keep in mind before hiring UX designers:


In today’s time, it is not at all crucial to hire dedicated UX designers. Instead of that, there are many of the startups that are looking forward to hiring freelancers as they are quite a cheaper option and they can produce good results.


This is another crucial consideration. So before hire UI/UX designers, you have to make sure that they have a better scope for the website/ application growth. So in short, the designers will have a better vision/ scope for the growth of the startup. Also, the designer should be capable of crafting the best of the designs for your websites and applications. Along with that, the scope of the design should be such that it should be able to attract the target audience.

Crucial designs

After sharing the unique requirements of the design for your website/ application by the professional, you are required to wait until the time the designing processes are completed. If you are having a startup, & some of the products, then it is important to ensure that the items are designed perfectly to get the required exposure.

Steps to hire top-notch UI/UX Designer

In the first instance, it may appear difficult for you to hire the best UI/UX Designer especially if you are initiating a startup. You should hire UI/UX designers who will be able to connect with the team members and also find out how you need to connect with the user.


The UX Designer’s mindset is quite crucial as sometimes they are required to deal with so much of a workload. So make sure that in such a situation they can maintain their compose and handle the situation with ease. So when you hire the professional, ensure that they will be providing you the inputs about the project along with the solutions to the problems.

Product detailing

When hiring a designer for your business, the best is to take the review. After taking the review you will be able to ascertain the mindset as well as the designer’s capability. If you come across innovative ideas as well as the solutions of designers, then make sure to hire the one to implement the same.

Overall experience

While hire UI/UX designers, ensure that the professional is experiencing the best solutions. Also, give preferences to the overall experience as well as the skills while taking the interview along with assessing the work portfolio.

Bottom line

A professional and good UI/UX designer will be flexible, and adaptive while at the same time being a creative thinker. It might be quite hard to find a good UX designer but this is not something that is impossible. So always make sure that you search for the top-notch UX designer during the initial journey of your startup and check for qualities like their mindset, experience level, expertise, and work portfolio along with the type of design solutions they are providing. Definitely, a good & talented UI/UX designer will be helping in the growth of your startup through the identification of the audience, with a complete understanding of the unique user requirements.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

  • How can UI/UX designer make my startup better? 

The UI/UX designers play a very eminent role about the elevation of the startups as this is possible through the customer experience. So through the implementation of the methods, for example, the testing, iteration, user research, mapping journey, wireframing as well as prototyping, the UX designer will be able to enhance the overall user experience along with driving business growth. 

  • At what stage of startup is required to hire UI/UX designer? 

Startups will require a UX designer in order to make sure that the products or services being offered remain user-centric while at the same time fulfilling the unique requirements of the audience. 

  • When to start the process of UX research for any startup? 

The startups are required to carry the UX research during the early stage of product development. The UX research is best to initiate during the time when the startup is in its ideation stage to the problem. 

  • What can be the tailored UX strategy for any startup? 

The UX strategy for any startup is governing its overall design of the client-centric as well as demographic-targeted layout. At the same time the user persona, user journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, product testing as well as the refinement and success metrics establishment is also possible.